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  • I need to get closer to you Bussa. Lift up your conscience.
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Panadol Plant

“Panadol” with active ingredient paracetamol, has become a household name as a brand of pharmaceutic pain relievers. The active ingredients of pharmaceuticals are plant derived. However, I have found not yet found any information that the “Panadol” brand is derived from the panadol plant. But what a fortunate coincidence if it were!


I need to get closer to you Bussa. Lift up your conscience.

Two weeks ago my little cousin came to Barbados to get married. With him he brought his mom and his brother’s, (who would be my older cousin’s) daughter Lilly. My two cousins and I grew up in Trinidad as brothers. Our moms were sisters and we were brothers. So, naturally my cousin’s children feel more like nieces to me than second cousins.