• Justice For Home schooling: The people must act, government needs to care
  • Breaking Ganja Out Of Jail. National Ganja Action Needed.
  • Hekima: Wisdom Wear. Street bran(d) with a plan
  • Black Consciousness needed in Barbados …Rise the revolution
  • We remember in September Steve Biko ” I write what I like “
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Know your enemy, #Nelson Must Fall.

In an earlier article entitled ” If Rhodes Must Fall, Why Should Nelson Stand” we took a look at the reason students at Rhodes University in Cape Town South Africa effectively protested against the presence of a statue of Rhodes and had it taken down. The article also spoke of how this movement to take down the Rhodes statue has spread to Oxford where 200 or so students protested to…

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Changing Street Talk .. PUMPING .. a Revolutionary Reggae Audio Newsletter

The African Heritage Foundation (AHF), in an effort to create an innovative way of knowledge sharing and fund raising, has produced an audio reggae newsletter called “Pumping”. “Pumping” is an 80 minute CD that tells of issues that face the African in the Diaspora, activities hosted by the AHF, events and personalities, which are Afrocentric in content and not featured in any of our regular media outlets.

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Black Consciousness needed in Barbados …Rise the revolution

Steven Bantu Biko said that integration was not the answer to racism. Biko propelled the idea of Black Consciousness as the solution to a racist society. “Black Consciousness was and still is a struggle for a new consciousness, a reawakening of a self-consciousness, a re-appropriation of black self-consciousness from the clutches of an appropriative and dominating white consciousness, a rediscovery of the black self which lay buried beneath white consciousness…


We remember in September Steve Biko ” I write what I like “

On 12 September 1977, Stephen Bantu Biko died in a prison cell in Pretoria. The announcement of Biko’s death by the South African government the next day sparked international and national protest. Steve Biko was not the only person to die in detention at the hands of the South African security police; yet, because of Biko’s prominence as a charismatic leader of the Black Consciousness Movement, his case captured the…


Grant Marcus Mosiah Garvey a Posthumous Presidential Pardon of His Wrongful 1923 Conviction

In 1923 Marcus Garvey was convicted on federal charges of mail fraud in connection with the sale of stock in the Universal Negro Improvement Association’s Black Star Line.  Sentenced to prison, Garvey delivered his last address before a crowd at Liberty Hall in New York City on June 17, 1923.  That speech appears below.  Among the many names by which I have been called, I was dubbed by another name…

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“Talkin Loud and Saying Nothin” A look at Cultural Nationalism

Like a dull knife Just ain’t cutting Just talking loud Then saying nothing James Brown If nothing else, the study of History can be very illuminating in regards to our contemporary situation and issues. It is the gift of historical study that provides the solution to contemporary problems. The realization of such makes the appearance of Cultural Nationalism within our midst downright puzzling; not to mention its appearance amongst an…


We Need to Talk About Claudia Jones

After her divorce from Marcus Garvey in 1922 Ashwood Garvey gave lectures on Black self determination, Pan-Africanism and women’s rights internationally. In 1924 she cofounded the Nigerian Progress Union. She was a founder member of the ‘International African Service Bureau’ and between 1935 and 1938 she managed a restaurant in London where Pan-Africanists met. In 1945 she helped to organize the fifth Pan-African Congress in Manchester where she delivered a…