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  • An Empowering Curriculum for the African Barbadian Student Pt1.
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  • Colonialism, Gun Violence and Irma
  • West India Emancipation
  • The Vision Is Clear.

Simba’s 7

It is said that the first education a person should receive, is an education of self. But what exactly is an education of self? In my estimation of an education of self, it is the awareness of the energy that surrounded the day you manifested into this sphere of life. This is not the sum of your awareness of self, it is merely the point at which you commence your…


Colonialism, Gun Violence and Irma

I was asked as the founder of an African centered charity “The African Heritage Foundation” to share my thoughts on the sentiments expressed by Sir Hilary Beckles, that the statue of Lord Horatio Nelson should be removed. This I did and the article drew a number for comments which I think were reasonable for people who have been blinded to their original history and culture by centuries of colonial rule.


West India Emancipation

On August 3, 1857, Frederick Douglass delivered a “West India Emancipation” speech at Canandaigua, New York, on the twenty-third anniversary of the event. Most of the address was a history of British efforts toward emancipation as well as a reminder of the crucial role of the West Indian slaves in that own freedom struggle. However shortly after he began Douglass sounded a foretelling of the coming Civil War when he…


The Vision Is Clear.

The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) is presently engaged in a number of projects aimed at developing its economic, educational, social and agricultural capacity. Each area of development is directly connected to the other. The long term aim of this organisation is to create a model of successful collective development that can be duplicated by other organisations, communities and the state.