15 things every black child needs to know about MONEY … An online course just for you

One of the most critical factors in developing generational wealth is culture. When a community's culture is conducive to the creation of productive financial habits, people tend to make better decisions, control their own destinies and raise children who are highly-empowered to be successful.

American public schools do not teach children even the most basic financial literacy, and this can lead to a lifetime of problems, including consistent unemployment, chronic amounts of debt, overspending, poverty and ongoing economic despair. But these problems can be prevented by getting your child started early on the path to understanding money and investing, gaining a set of tools that will serve as the economic fuel for an empowered and liberated existence.

This course, led by Finance professor Dr Boyce Watkins, gives your child a chance to have a real college experience. Dr Watkins explains numerous concepts in steady language that a child of any age can understand. By watching these videos along with your child, you will both get to hear America's leading Finance scholar provide the blueprint for an economically prosperous existence.

Please click this link for an introduction video to course and details of what the course will offer.


The African Heritage Foundation endorses this educational tool as a feasible way to assist us enter into the world of financial literacy and wealth generation, for ourselves and children.

Please donate to our Ubuntu Project Development Fund.

Donations to the African Heritage Foundation will be used to enable us to sponsor parents that would like to encourage their children to take the course or who want to take the course themselves. Please note, you can indicate what particular project you would like your donation to go towards as we have several.

If you do not have the means by which to donate through the website, please send us an email at ahfoundation@yahoo.com  to make other arrangements to do so. Contribution of content are also welcomed and should be submitted to email address previously given.


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