A Citizen In My Ancestors Hell

Ahhhhh boy, its a hurtful sight to see such isolation and animosity amongst us black people living in the Caribbean. A lot of us are highly educated but yet still miseducated.

I dream of a day when we shall all look at another black individual and notice that he or she is our brother or sister and not our enemy. I dream that we shall understand our history so that we can reunite and progress together. If you do not know your roots , how can you bare a fruit?

Many  times I over hear Barbadians saying 'I hate Guyanese hear' or 'why these Trini's don't come out of my country'. When I hear such comments, I laugh because it is very ironic. The indigenous people to the land of the Caribbean (Barbados,Trinidad,Jamaica, Guyana, etc) are Amerindians. Now we see that the Caribbean is densely populated with Africans. Have you ever asked why the original race/people of the Caribbean are so scarce (Amerindians) and why the majority of the Caribbean is populated with Africans?


Slavery brought majority of the Africans here. Our ancestors all came on the same ships but disembarked at different locations (one ship making the same trip). How are you so happy and able to take full pride of a land that your ancestors were raped, killed and forced to work on. You insult your brother man who resides in a neighboring country, who belongs to your race and whose ancestor's also faced a similar fate to yours.

Its truly a sad sight to see we can't get along just because we come from different land masses but share a mutual history. Always remember as long as you are black you are an African. As a wise man once said 'a cow born in a pig pen is still a cow'. So don't matter where you reside in the world as long as the color of your skin is black\brown, Africa dwells within you.

The most hilarious thing about it all is the process and progress of slavery and what it is manifesting today, we have been captured from Africa and made slaves, bound together in ships, brought to the Caribbean unwilling-fully, labeled as animals, tortured on these lands to generate profit for the oppressor, after their needs have been met, they freed us (not really) and gave us entitlement to be citizens of the land. Then they made us pay taxes to sustain the land. So now we're sustaining a land that we had no intention of living on in the first place. Yet we're happy to be a citizen of our ancestor's hell

.Wise up my people. Only when we have become wise is when we can rise

Written by Mari

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