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Our Afrikan Heritage magazine is a publication geared towards the advancement of positive and fulfilling lives through education. This magazine intends to influence systems and methodologies that will assist with the economic empowerment of our under privileged and marginalized people.  A lifestyle magazine, Our Afrikan Heritage draws its strength from the longstanding traditions, contemporary concepts, and emerging ideologies that shape the collective conscious of Afrikans at home and in the Diaspora. Our Afrikan Heritage magazine boast content-filled issues that are as relevant, informative, entertaining and thought provoking as you the reader. History, culture and the arts, spirituality, politics, health, business, current affairs and much more are presented from the perspectives of the modern day Afrikan.
The idea – discovering our Afrikan selves through the journey of this magazine. It is the greatest wish of OAH magazine to have our readers be made aware of our rich heritage regardless of ethnic, spiritual, or socio-economic origin. OAH’s goal is to be a supplement to the mainstream ideologies and an outlet for those who have relevant thought-provoking contributions to make whether they are a young academic, graduate of life experiences, or established scholar.
Our Afrikan Heritage is a contemporary community focused publication and as such we look forward to your feedback and welcome content and suggestions from every community. Through this publication OAH hopes to be a source and facilitator of conscious works for all. Let us take in pride in who we are and from whence we came for our future’s sake.