Africa has its first white democratic president

An African country has a white democratic president for the first time ever, although he was not directly elected to office.

Guy Scott, who was born in Zambia and whose family is of Scottish descent, has been named the interim leader of Zambia following the death in London of president Michael Sata, aged 77.

Mr Scott, 77, was up until today vice-president of Zambia.

Under Zambian law, presidential elections for a permanent successor for Mr Sata must be held within three months.

A Zambian government source said: “It is true. We lost the President. The acting president will make a statement soon.”

An interim president is likely to succeed Sata and two candidates include defence minister Edgar Lungu, who stood in recently as acting president, and vice-president Guy Scott, who would become Africa's first white head of state since South Africa's FW de Klerk in 1994.


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  1. Taken from FB … Michael Takeanumber Nicklette

    Africa is in bigger trouble. A democratic leader in place only means bad news look what ‘democracy’ has become in America. Who has more money and influence. Background says he has a bunch of skeletons buried in his basement.

  2. Taken from FB ….. David Nabawi

    There is NO information on his ideology, or his political agenda…only that he is white.

  3. FB ….. Mustafa Ansari

    Chukwudike Abraham for over a year you have been masquerading as a Human Rights Activist .You apparently have not read the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples Adopted by General Assembly resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960. This was done to avoid re-colonialization which putting in a European Vice-president in as President does. Southern Christian and Voodoo Nigerians are the biggest sellouts in Africa, and Zambia, Liberians as well as most Countries in Africa are still attached to their former colonialist, sad, but true. So your support for this foolishness is not surprising, nor the fact that you are a self-avowed Zionist…This is why I could not at this time support the Region 6 initiative in its present form
    October 29 at 3:05pm

  4. Fb ….. Chukwudike Abraham

    Mr. Mustafa Ansari, i might not be perfect in all things that makes me human, but i appeal you join Region 6 of the African Union -The Diaspora and be actively involved in their program activities.I personally believes in what the group is doing and will come out to support them when the time comes.
    Yesterday at 5:52am

  5. FB ….. Mustafa Ansari
    I believe that the African Americans are serious and the Africans, except for the Zimbabwe president are sellouts. My advise to them is to leave the Africans to themselves until after we attain self-determination here, then we could have a VOTING SEAT as a NATION.Then we could sit among the puppy dogs as the top dog. 1.2 Trillion dollars in capitalization

  6. FB …. Mazi Ifeanyichukwu Okolie

    @Mustafa, thanks enough for have made such an effort, please allow me to take on this guy called Chukwudike!

    @Abraham, can you just tell me in clear details, wtf on earth is good about this? Perhaps we can start from there…you can shoot now…am waiting.

  7. FB … Chukwudike Abraham

    Mazi Ifeanyichukwu Okolie, you mean i should shoot what? you have to make your self known to me very well before i respond to you.

  8. FB … Mustafa Ansari

    Brother Mazi would like you to explain to him and the rest of us why you think it is a good idea for African countries to have European leadership?

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