After The Hype …. Dominica Still In Need Of Our Assistance

The African Heritage Foundation reminds everyone that we are still collecting donations to help our brothers and sisters in Dominica who have been severely affected by Storm Erika. On the 27th August  2015 tropical storm Erika devastated the island of Dominica. Directly after the news of what befell Dominica reached Barbados, several organizations, the government, schools, churches and many concerned citizens sent as much assistance as they could in various forms including non perishable food stuff, clothing, toiletries, batteries etc to that island through the services of the Barbados Coast Guard.

Although a great effort was made to assist the people of Dominica, we must be aware that our assistance is still needed. The director of the African Heritage Foundation's drive to assist Dominica Ms Felisha Holder has stayed in contact with  Sister Kerina Hilaire who is heading up the collection for Delices Village Council. Sister Hilaire has indicated that they are still in need of our assistance as work continues in building back access to the village, homes and businesses. As would be expected the daily lives of the people of that village have been greatly affected and it remains quite difficult to access Delices.

Dominica 2nd drive 2

The African Heritage Foundation is in the process of collecting items for our second donation to Delices. We are asking everyone that reads this article to make a donation to this effort to assist the people of this village. If you are residing outside of Barbados and would like to make a monetary contribution for the purchase of items to send to Dominica you can do so through our PayPal facilities or by Money Transfer. If you are going to make a monetary donation please contact Sister Felisha to give her the details of your contribution.

Felisha 1

To find out more on how and where you can make your donation  or arrange pick up please contact Sister or call 1 (246)571 4186

We will be updating this feature with the intended date of departure for the next Coast Guard Vessel carrying assistance for Dominica and then set a closing time for our collections. Images from the relief work being done there will be published soon.

Dominica 2nd drive 1

 On behalf of Sister Felisha and the AHF family we thank you for your love and support.

Remember: To give is the greatest gift you can receive.

Click here to see report on the completion of 1st set of  donations sent


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