AHF Community Markets Project


The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) Community Markets Project is an idea conceptualised by the AHF that is based on organic agriculture, community empowerment, small business development, food securityand a commitment to improved health and wellbeing. It has already started to bring one community together with an emphasis on collective security.


There is a pressing need for Barbadians to become more proactive about sustainable development in the present economic climate. The issue of food security has been a source of concern not only for the nation’s leaders but definitely for the average consumer who has had to adjust tremendously to budget for the proverbial basket of goods. It has therefore become highly relevant for the AHF to become a model of activism in providing for the nutritional needs of the community as a whole. AHF member, Ms. Forde, with the assistance of the AHF, proposes to cultivate the land adjoining her West Terrace family home that she has maintained for the past eighteen yearsin addition to the property where she resides.

The produce yielded from this effort will be not only a direct source of non-processed or whole foodsfor Ms. Forde’s family table but also marketable to the community in which they live. There is also scope for teachable moments for the youth in the environs, who are encouraged to share in the work as well as the profits from their efforts. This can facilitate a rebirthing of agricultural interest at a grassroots level, where our children can cultivate the notions of self-efficacy, communal responsibility and that food comes not from the supermarkets alone but first from the earth.


The organic cultivation of approximately 6,000 sq. ft. of land with various vegetables and herbs has already started in the aforementioned West Terrace area.

A photo gallery of this project will soon be published. Information on the further development of this project will be made available through this website.  If you are interested in being involved with this project please contact us at ahfoundation@yahoo.com or leave us a message here.

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