Thoughts about commemorating the ancestors involved in the MAAFA. Acknowledging grief creates a portal for healing, resolve and reconciliation.

"Senzeni na? - What have we done?" is a South African protest song made popular during the Apartheid period. Its English translation from the Xhosa and Zulu languages of its black people, is as follows: "What have we done? Our sin is that we are black? (Therefore,) our sin is the truth. They are killing us. Let Africa return."

These lamentations resonate with many that are found in the bible: e.g. Psalms 88, where people find themselves the targets of ethnic and racial inequality, injustice and oppression. Modern society encourages us to by-pass these painful emotions. However, lamentations offer us an opportunity to acknowledge our past, our pain, connect with our anger and grief, to heal, to reclaim and embody our goodness our humanity, as we claim justice for the contribution of our ancestors to the success of our society’s reclaim, redemption, reparation, the level of spirit and bringing that awareness and consciousness into our everyday reality.

YAHWEH, YAHWEH. Part of the demystification of this moment comes through the cathartic cleansing of our emotions, honouring those who had gone before, acknowledging the ways our ancestors chose to survive, their messages and meanings found in the subtle and not so subtle things that we feel, think, say, see and do. Once we notice how much these practices have persisted, then their suffering was not in vain.

We did not die in vain if in lament we acknowledge the sacrifices that each ancestor made and it connects to the stand we make here today and each and every day. PRAISE God (Amazing Grace).

At a time like this, through this honouring, this ritual, this worship, the spirit of justice, Africa can be resurrected, remembered and reactivated.

In the Spiritual Baptist faith mourning is a daily ritual and constant meditation. We sing that "WEEPING MAY ENDURE FOR MANY A NIGHT" but "Joy cometh in the morning". CONSIDER THAT, this portal, born in pain and nurtured in suffering in this dimension in a time not that long ago, (less than 1000 ages) provided an avenue for the spirits of our ancestors to journey beyond these given circumstances, to repatriate, peradventure. That in this spiritual return honour is restored to their memory and that this honouring opens our rehabilitation to connect and respect the memory of our ancestors.

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By honouring this moment we not only lament and share in the excess of pain but, in releasing this emotion, we get to experience the ecstasy, the freedom that these souls experience, to live a life in spiritual reparation, to build a society where restoration becomes manifest in our collective thoughts, words and actions. We are no longer enslaved or victims, we did not have "nothing". Instead, through the purging of our grief, we claim our freedom, take our place and assert our justice, our Africa.

Message from King Shepherd Chairman of the Spiritual Baptist Council.

John Hunte.

The African Heritage Foundation, invites you to the first time screening of MUGABE: HERO OR VILLAIN. in Barbados It will take place at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus on the 22nd February. Documentary will start at 6pm sharp. It is 112 mins long so we will take a 15 min break after the first hour for refreshments, for people to stretch their legs and use the washroom. I have watched the documentary only last night for the first. In my opinion it is truly an eye opening expose on Mugabe's Zimbabwe, colonialism and neocolonialism. That is all I will say until discussion time.

I am left asking myself, is there a little devil in every saint and a little saint in every devil? I have little doubt that following the documentary, the discussion will be exhilarating.

Paul. (Little and humble). Simba, (I stand a lion). Rock, (My solid foundation).

The wicked have come up against me to eat up my flesh.

They will stumble and fall.

The lament of the pains of injustice issued by black and white oppressors will never go unheeded or unpunished.

Let it be. Let it be. A prayer for justice.



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