Every time she looked into a mirror
She imagined blue eyes, fair skin freckles-a pretty smile
"Ana! You're ugly! Look at your nappy head!"
So she burned it, she fried it, wore animal hair insteadblack girl 5    black girls 7 women

Every time she dreamed
She dreamed of the red carpet
Wearing gowns and diamonds
Wearing Ralph Lauren
"You? A model? Don't make me laugh! You better look to find a man with money!"
So that's what she did

black girl 5 woman  black girl 8 man with money


black girl 9 man with money

She tore herself out
She broke herself up
Covered her scars,
With pounds of makeup
One day she looked into a mirror
One day she could smile
Because Ana didn't look like Ana anymore
Ana didn't think like Ana anymore

black girl 7 makeup

But her daughter did

Louise looked like Ana
So Ana taught Louise to hate herself
And that's what she did

-T'afari Steede 15yrs old.

Our Afrikan Heritage gives thanks for this feature. We ask you to share your thoughts on this in the comments with us. Help to encourage the conscience development of our youth by sharing this work with your friends and family. We look forward to more from T'afari and other young people.

Well done princess T'afari.

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  1. Royalty I am warmed by my daughters awarness and I give thanks that she loves herself and can express such creativity. I hope she will continue to develop her art and be a source of upliftment to other youts and us all. Thank you Simba for this opportunity which has allowed her work to be featured. Selah bless.

  2. Very thought provoking piece addressing several critical issues that continue to plague our black women. Cheers to you for creatively tacking these problems through your art and keep on writing!

  3. I believe that in today’s society too many women and men respond to what they see in the media which promotes images of false people. Not even models look the same as their pictures as they are covered up with make up, have plastic surgery, false hair, nails etc.
    I myself do not bother with make up and keep to a bare minimum when it comes to changing how I am as I am happy with myself and no matter how much media is put in front of me it does not change how I feel.
    Natural beauty is the best and if others can not accept us for who we are then they are not worth our time.
    It is hard for the young women of today as they are easily led by the images out there and also the peer pressure throughout their lives.
    Women of today need also to look into more depth what is used within these products that they use that are supposed to make you beautiful as in the long run they are probably causing more harm.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder………..

  4. Beautiful. Thought-provoking. Timely. And all about the necessity and power of self-love and self-acceptance – whatever your race, age, gender, or background. I salute you Ana. 🙂

  5. Simply an eye opening poem. We really have to love our natural image as god created us. I would love to see a movie based on the words of this poem. Keeping the culture alive. Keep up the good work.

  6. Thank-you many many times, Simba, for allowing my work to be featured by your magazine! I’m truly honoured by the positive feedback it has received. I also wish to say that my intentions for this piece, was not to undermine any other race, but to promote self-acceptance and love. Again, thank-you! Selah

  7. It just shows that we HAVE to love ourselves as we have been created. Be natural. Beauty is inside of us. We should not worry about the outside as much as we do

  8. Its a great piece, capturing the real issues some of us overlook, pretend are not there or are ignorant to the facts. Keep writing, T’afari.

  9. Beauty comes from within and we need to build up our young women so that they can love themselves in order for them to be able to love someone else.

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