Are you the type he will make his wife or are you just sex?

You think you’re pretty, you think you’re smart, I bet you think you’re the most interesting woman on the planet right? But how do men view you? I’m not talking about does he turn and look when you walk by, let’s go deeper than the physical bullshit girls use as a crutch. Does he think you’re smart? Does he find you interesting? Are you classy in his mind or just another basic broad he’s ran through? Take a moment to think about the last dude you were seriously involved with. What did he like most about you? If it was something like “My smile” or “The way I rode it” you have a serious problem. Are you the type of woman he can spend all day talking to and has a connection deeper than the physical attraction or are you simply Sex? And by Sex I mean your only value to that man is to satisfy his physical needs. Your job is to make him cum. Sex isn't just the hoe or the slut, it’s also the girlfriend who we have no intention of marrying or keeping around past a year. Men love sex, but we do not marry Sex. A man may show Sex off to his friends. He might buy Sexy gifts. Occasionally Sex gets to come out of the house and get treated to dinner. Sex even gets pregnant and becomes the Baby Mama. But he NEVER EVER marries Sex. A lot if not most men see women as Sex initially, but after a few conversations we can decide if she’s more.


What do you talk about? “We spend all night on the phone talking, we have so much in common”, please. Do you know how many hours I’ve spent on the phone with girls who I couldn’t stand? I’ve stayed up until 6am more times than I can count, and it wasn’t because the girl was interesting, it was because I wanted what she had and was putting in work. Take away the gossip, the TV show talk, and the sexual flirting; what did I talk to you about? We both like the same colors… wow. We both randomly know Chauncey the stick up boy… incredible.  Spending twenty minutes saying “Did You Miss Me” and having a back and forth on who missed who gets tired. The number one question a man wants to know, “When can I see you”. Why? Because you’re Sex and we can’t get the Sex he wants over the phone.


You’re not the brightest, you can tie your shoe and put your hair into a bun, but that’s where your genius ends. Stop pretending as if you visit before you visit  It’s okay to be into basic things, but be able to put together a sentence. If I say, “So why didn’t you like Black Swan” don’t come at me with, “That was some white people shit”. That’s not a movie review, that’s a woman with poor analytical skills who tuned out as soon as she realized this wasn’t a comedy. There are more important things than who Chris Brown is having sex with. I don't want to date a woman with the life experience of a 17 year old, I did that when I was 18.


A man won’t commit then he sees you as Sex. You were in a relationship for 3 months, and he started acting funny… Did you really break up with him or did he sabotage the relationship after your Sex expired? Yes, Sex has an expiration date. It expires exactly 3-4 months after we first have it. The more you have Sex the faster it expires. It’s not milk, you can continue to have Sex after it’s long expired, people are married for years and love having expired Sex, it still feels good. But it will never be at the height it was when it was considered new Sex. As a wise man once said, “There’s no Sex like new Se, and that’s how a man feels”. Being extra freaky or dating during the winter months may buy you an extra two months of that new sex smell, but that’s it. No matter If it lasts 4 months or 6 months, the man will show signs of cabin fever because you don’t have anything real that keeps him tied to you. This man didn’t suddenly become an asshole, that’s not the real reason you’re arguing after months of lovey dovey, he’s tired of your sex and he’s ready to move on to the next girl because you don’t stimulate him mentally. Sure he may come back to have sex after the relationship is over, but no junkie stops cold turkey. The point is he’s now only using you for Sex, and that reaffirms that from the jump he saw you as Sex never wifey! There is no such thing as Marry Me Sex. No matter how good you think your shot is, there has yet to be a vagina built that can make a man throw a ring on it. Personality, charm, charisma > Sex. If you want to keep a man, not just have someone to roll around in the bed and eat lemon pepper strips with, look in the mirror and ask, “Would I want me?” It’s like a job interview, the strengths are obvious and often times exaggerated. The weaknesses, those are hard to figure out, it’s not because you don’t have any, it’s because we rarely take a serious look at what’s wrong with us. Other than stupidity which we can’t really cure, there are several things that hold men back from promoting women, but here are my top two.

Are You Boring: No one wants a girl who sits around saying “I’m bored”? If you’re a bored female, that means you are boring. I don’t care how pretty you are I don’t want to waste my time with a boring woman who always needs to be entertained by the most basic things.  I’m bored my phone’s not ringing today. I’m bored nobody’s texting me. I’m bored nothing’s on TV. Guess what? I’m bored after sex with you for a month because all you do is seek attention. Your sex may be wet, but your personality is dry! There are people that make things happen and there are people who complain that nothing’s happening. Which are you?

Are You Loyal: Yeah yeah you would never cheat physically, but who do you talk to besides him? Who do you flirt with besides him? Men know when a female has an active phonebook. Do you think he’s going to see you as more than a good time girl if you have dudes blowing up your phone? He can say, “cut every other dude off for me” but let’s be realistic, you have excuses to why you talk to and are close to other men, he’s your brother, he’s your best male friend, you work with him… the list goes on. If you’re not willing to let go of your backup Sex, why should he upgrade you from Se to the potential wife?


 If you are a girl who’s tired of the dating game and want something deeper than 9 inches and a text message, then it’s time to get serious and change the way men view you. When you go out on dates have something to say, push the conversation in directions you haven’t taken it before. Show him that you aren’t like the rest of these girls out here; make him feel as if you’re the type of woman he can raise children with… not drop children in. They say that beside every great man there is a great woman. History doesn’t remember women who could do it with no hands; they remember women who could do it with their brains. Stop Being Sex, that’s how you keep a man.
This blog post is advice to both men and women. Let us stop and take a good look at how our community sees us.


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