Autistic children and cannabis…. Join the fight for freedom….. Cannabisification Pt8

It’s morning in Nahariya, a tiny Israeli town near the Lebanese border, and 4-year-old Benjamin is repeatedly smashing his head against the wall. He spins wildly in circles, screeching at full volume. As his mother tries frantically to calm him, he pulls down his pants and defecates on the floor.

“Before we continue with this article, I would like to note that as I continue cannabis research for this series of articles on the plant and the unlawful law that surrounds it, its effects on children with autism is very interesting to me. I am a good friend of a family with a child that suffers with autism. Years ago we would have discussions on the use of cannabis to help with her sons condition. From that time I had been doing my research on cannabis use for various medical conditions. The unwillingness of policy makers in Barbados to think for themselves has done this nation a great disservice, and as such our discussions remained just that. As I read this article that is published in Newsweek, I thought of that family. I do hope that this article proves to be useful to you and others parents that have children with autism and such like medical conditions. In the upcoming civil society’s agitation for the legalization of cannabis, the voices of these, parents, the elderly, persons with medical conditions that could be assisted with cannabis use, need to be heard. The fight to legalize cannabis in Barbados cannot be left to the Rastafari community and a few cannabis liberals. It needs the support of all cannabis advocates to speak in one accord. 

My last point of note is that,  this new bill which gives the police more authority based on their personal discrimination to accost people as they like, should be of concern for cannabis and human rights activists. Hmmmmmm. This will see an increase of random searches of cars, homes and people. Cannabis users should not be made to be caught up in this madness for the sake of any form of cannabis use and possession. Stereotypes will be used in determining suspicion. We are going backwards! WE! The people who know better need to do better. STAND UP AND HEARD, SEEN AND COUNTED.” 

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