Bajan man calls for a 3 day national boycott of the Nation Newspaper. Apologize and Learn

This is going to be the shortest article I have ever written. I start and will end this article with a call for a national boycott of the Nation Newspaper for 3 days from Friday 26th May 2017 to Sunday 28th May 2017.

I call for this boycott as a concerned citizen who is disgusted that the Nation Newspaper would see fit to publish a gang beating of a school girl by her peers on the front page of their Newspaper on Friday 19th May 2017. If the beating of this young woman was not painful and humiliating enough, in steps our national newspaper to further add insult to injury by making her front page news. How in the name of anything, can this careless action taken by the Nation Newspaper be right or even remotely justified?

We all know that fights happen in school, even gang fights like this. We are not condoning it and we all agree that it is a serious situation that needs to be addressed. But two wrongs have never made a right and throwing gas into a flame can never out the fire.

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Obviously the Nation Newspaper is only interested in marketing and sales. So I say, hit them where it hurts. Next weekend I hope that Barbados will send a message to the Nation Newspaper that we are “DISGUSTED.”

Don’t buy a Friday, Saturday or Sunday Nation Newspaper next weekend!

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BAJANS WARNED, that if we don’t act, entities like the Nation Newspaper, the Royal Barbados Police Force, Politicians and such will continue to do with us as they please. We have to hold them accountable by any means necessary (fitting as we celebrate the birthday of Malcolm X today). They have sold the pain of this young woman just as our former slave masters sold us, for the price of a Friday Newspaper. We must act with FULL FORCE and make them know that we are not playing.

You won’t die if you keep your money in your pocket next weekend. On the contrary, you can help show the Nation Newspaper that the people are not to be treated as cattle, only here for your financial gain.

I am also going to say to the people that shared the video on social media that I think you are no better than the Nation Newspaper. I will leave that there. If you have shared it and really did not think about what you were doing, I hope you will make up for it by sharing the hell out of this article. Let us all make sure all Bajans are aware of this call for a National Boycott of the Nation Newspaper.

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I am asking everyone who has read this article to share this article. I think the Nation Newspaper owes that young lady a huge apology. They owe her family a huge apology and they owe the school an apology. I also think since they offended us the people of the nation they owe us an apology and a guarantee that they will not capitalize on the misfortunes of our young people for their financial gains again. They have been doing this thing way too long now and all we do is complain. We have complained, we are still complaining and we need to act.

I am saying sorry to the young lady and her family for the indifference of this nation. I hope all injuries will be fully healed, that no lasting physical damage was done and that the emotional pain brought on by the attack of the other children and the Nation Newspaper will soon be healed and the scars that go with them removed.

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In a time when videos are circulating with police clearly indifferent to the rights of the people, you the Nation Newspaper have been reported as saying you can’t touch that. But this you can touch? We as a nation have to stand up. People are commenting and saying “if this was my child, I would do this and that.” I have a newsflash people: it is your child and it is my child. It is all of our children being humiliated by the Nation Newspaper and I say they should pay. They should pay!


Nation Newspaper Boycott 26th -28th May 2017. The weekend Barbados says enough is enough.

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