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The African Heritage Foundation's, Crowdfunding/ fundraising campaign is  focused on our projects and programs that are at present running and those we are in the process of launching. Our projects and programs have  tangible outcomes, and your donation goes not merely directly to these social impact programs but to the overall operation and management of the charity.

The present trend of fundraising only for programs is not good for us as an active charity. As fundraising rockstar Dan Pallotta explains in one of the most-viewed TED talks of all time, there is a double standard in the nonprofit industry that hurts nonprofit salaries and standards.

Double standard: We understand that typically you like to see low overhead costs and general operating budgets, and therefore nonprofits like to highlight that the majority of their funding goes to programmatic expenses.

The problem with that is we have overhead expenses — such as salaries for operations and fundraising staff and office rent and supplies — to manage our programs successfully and to grow sustainably. All of our volunteers are young unemployed or under employed  women and men. So while they would love to give more of their time and strength to our empowerment programs, they simply cannot afford to. With your assistance we have an opportunity to make a positive and empowering difference in the lives of these people.

We are now, with this feature, going to successfully crowdfund for general operating expenses and explain to you our potential donors, why supporting our general costs are just as important as supporting a specific program. For example, our "Knowledge Is Power" Secondary School Online Challenge. We have completed the test phase of this program and are now raising funds to expand the program to include several other schools. The budget for this program is just over $10,000 USD. We have to pay the administrators of this program as it requires a great deal of their time and energy. Also needed is equipment and materials to help us achieve our targeted goals as they pertain to "Knowledge Is Power". See reports on this program at these two links, and

The African Heritage Foundation also has just created an Audio Newsletter called "Pumping". While we endeavor to have this become a viable economic sustainable support for the charity it is in need of an injection of funds to assist us in creating our distribution network.  Here is some information about that project which is in need of equipment and promotional material such as merchandise created to assist in making this product trendy.

You are invited to download the second edition of the CD to get a better idea of what you will be donating to.

Another program we are undertaking and this is the biggest to date, is our #nelsonmustfall Youth Movement. This movement is based on creating a level social playing field for all races on our island to exist in. We take a look at European Hierarchy and how is disadvantages non - European people residing in Barbados. We have 3 articles which inform on the foundation of this movement. Funds are also in need for, educational activities and materials related to the overall mission of this movement. The tenets of this movement that we are focused on are as follows:

1. A local and global racial hierarchy that privileges European people over non European people

2. A gender hierarchy that privileges males over females and European Judeo-Christian patriarchy over other forms of gender relations. This was evident even in the last Pan African Colloquium just concluded.
3. A spiritual hierarchy that privileges Christians over non-Christian/non-Western spiritualities institutionalized in the globalization of the Christian (Catholic and later Protestant) church
4. An epistemic hierarchy that privileges Western knowledge and cosmology over non-Western knowledge and cosmologies, and institutionalized in the global university system
5. A linguistic hierarchy between European languages and non-European languages that privileges communication and knowledge/theoretical production in the former and subalternizes the latter as sole producers of folklore or culture but not of knowledge/theory
6. An aesthetic hierarchy of high art vs. naïve or primitive art where the West is considered superior high art and the non-West is considered as producers of inferior expressions of art institutionalized in Museums, Art Galleries and global art market
7. An age hierarchy where the Western conception of productive life (ages between 15 and 65 years old) making disposable people above 65 years old are considered superior over non-Western forms of age classification, where the older the person, the more authority and respect he/she receives from the community
8. An ecological hierarchy where the Western conceptions of “nature” (as an object that is a means towards an end) with its destruction of life (human and nonhuman) is privileged and considered superior over non-Western conceptions of the “ecology” such as Pachamama, Tawhid, or Tao (ecology or cosmos as subject that is an end in itself), which considers in its rationality the reproduction of life.
This is the racially biased society that we live in, that we are comfortable in and that we will usher the next generation into. This is the system that symbolically the good Lord Nelson looks over. The toppling of Nelson should signal the bell for the toppling of institutionalized white privilege in this island. , and

The African Heritage Foundation also has two agricultural projects that we are looking forward to undertaking as soon as we are able to generate funds from our other projects to pay the persons working on our organic farm. We have two acres of land we would like to start developing.

The Sankofa Summer Camp. This is an activity that was done by us previously and with the impending success of this crowdfunding campaign we will be hosting it again in the Summer Vacation . Here is a brief review of the camp....

Very important in this campaign is the need to create a secretariat for the pan - African community in Barbados. To do so we are in need of office space and the relevant office equipment. This secretariat will employ 3 persons to help coordinate the facilitating of information sharing and the fostering of better working relationships between the various pan- African organizations. This carries a budget of $15,000.00 USD to facilitate one years effective operation

 Clear Need & Reasons

You now have an idea why we have opted just to  crowdfund for general operating expenses. This is a year round fundraising campaign as our target of raising as much funds as we can will be an on going process. This being the case, I do hope I have been able to present an  extra clear vision of our intentions so that you our potential donor knows what you are giving to. As you can see all reports and developments of projects and programs are published for all to view. This way you can rest assured that your contribution is making a difference in the lives of many young people directly and indirectly.


Activity Based Campaigns

 Don’t think that our crowdfunding is relegated to this platform. Donations here will also be used to facilitate other fundraiser such as street races, walks, community based activities, AHF merchandising or social care program for those in urgent need and facilitate the sponsorship of persons in various educational nd sporting areas. As you would have read, we did not provide monetary amounts for all the projects and programs. We gave you an idea of what the operations cost of a few programs are to give you an example of what some of our project costs look like. That is not all that we require and to fully be effective as a charitable organisation we need to raise funds to facilitate the entire operating of the African Heritage Foundation.

We are not asking you to put a burden on yourself by giving much, we ask for whatever small amounts you can spare. As you make your donation please share with family or friend so they also may make a donation to our development.

All of the above sounds rather sweet and positive but the question remains, and I have left this for last, who or what is the African Heritage Foundation? Find out here ...


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