Barbados Bu’n Bu’n … much more than a book, it is a journey.


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Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n – a limited edition hardcover, hand bound collector’s book-set comprising a case with 2 volumes. The photos below just give a tiny idea of the contents…the quality is in fact, in real life, exceptional. The total page count is 656 pages with just under 1800 photographs.

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Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n is a comprehensive look at Barbados and has been called “a national treasure”. Dedicated to the people of Barbados with endorsements from Chef Art Smith (Oprah’s private Chef), Lennox Raphael (author, playwright, poet), Dr. Karl Watson (historian), Elombe Mottley (historian), Beverley Alleyne (Senior Development Office, BIDC), Ian D. Bourne (editor Bajan Reporter) just to name a few, it is a coffee-table book suitable for homes, hotels, villas and businesses.

The book is educational – useful for all ages from primary to university level and in culinary colleges as well as a tourism tool to lure visitors to the real Barbados for it focuses on its real treasure – its people – with incredible photos, stories, information, little known facts and recipes.

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Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n covers a touch of history, traditions, culture and everything that the island has become – from farm to table and beyond. Those who have been featured can use Barbados Bu’n-Bu’n to sell themselves and their products, and the book also contains useful hints on ways to use local produce for business niches.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the incredible Barbados Bu’n Bu’n and would like more information on how to do so please contact Simba at .

Thank you for your support and enjoy.

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