Barbados independence educational system challenge, 50yrs and moving.

Since the case of the Rastafari family who were wrongfully charged with failing to send their children to school has caught hold of the public's eye, it would seem the Barbadian educational system has come under more intense scrutiny. We read a report from the Inter American Development Bank about the failings of the Barbadian educational system. I also saw an article speaking to the elitist structure of the educational system and the list goes on.

Without a doubt, the overwhelming majority of Barbadians agree that something has to be done with our educational system. But what can be done?

The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) is at present developing an African Heritage Academy that seeks to help address the problem of education in Barbados. It is hoped that what the AHF will create can be used as a model for public schools on the island. We need to start making some informed decisions on our educational system and in essence the future of our children. It is in this vein that I pose  a challenge to you.

homeschool challenge 2

First, as President of the AHF, on behalf of our members, I am thanking each person who shared any information regarding the case. It is your support that has highlighted the serious flaws in our educational system and has given this matter the direction it is taking now.

Now for the challenge. You are asked to watch the 9.27 minute video below. After watching the video, state one way in which you think the Barbados educational system could benefit from this. Your comment can be made directly here or on FB. Please share this challenge with at least three people you know for sure will take it. The challenge will last just one week.

This challenge is intended to introduce the Barbadian public to new ideas in the arena of education. It serves as an informal survey that can be put forward to the Ministry of Education as a call from our society to address the educational system here in Barbados taking into consideration models of educational systems that actually empower the children.

Take the challenge to change our educational system.

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