Barbados Independence, Ha. Bajans In Mourning? Listen To Me!

A senior officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) says drunk driving and speeding are possible factors behind some accidents on the island’s roads.

Assistant Superintendent Ronald Stanford’s comments came during the launch of the Junior Road Rangers Scheme by the Barbados Road Safety Association yesterday.

The launch took place against the backdrop of six fatalities in motor vehicle accidents over the past two weeks. Altogether, 20 people have died thus far for the year on the island’s roads, exceeding last year’s total of 14.

Stanford pleaded with motorists to acknowledge the rules for safe road use, especially during the upcoming Independence and Christmas celebrations.

He emphasized that drinking alcohol and then driving was risky behaviour as the substance impaired judgement, often resulting in speeding.

Assistant Superintendent Ronald Stanford

“I want you to celebrate and celebrate responsibly. If you are going to drive, please don’t drink and if you are going to drink, please don’t drive,” Stanford said. “If you drink, get other avenues for transport. Passengers, please do not accept rides with persons you know have been drinking.”

Written By Bjn Sgr


bjn sgr 2

The people of must wake up from this snoring sleep. I heard comments about these young ladies and the one that boggled my mind was.....Barbados is in mourning. Yes the situation was sad. Here is where it gets real. This country glamorizes alcohol. Socially it is the thing to do. Even in your homes it's freaking cool....almost like being initiated.. for underage kids to drink. Nobody says anything cause God forbid you are a teenage boy or girl, and can't drink a Lil drink. You are not a "big man" as the famous saying goes. If I role a spliff in your eyes I'm the devil....all kind of names....but the country mourns for alcoholism and driving under the influence! Celebrate...have a designated driver or better yet....everyone in the car was hurt or enjoying the need for Speed and want to get home not one leader out four followers spoke out about the speed... No leaders. Bajans like the easy way. It was easier to follow a path than break new ground. More could have perished if it was later and ppl were on their way to church bright and early that morning. But instead....cry down the weed and herbs that healing. Barbados is Hennessy's top seller....I mean as a country in comparison to other populated large land mass countried. Study it. A third world country can't comprehend the need to progress as entrepreneurs and complete as a top global market but instead you continue to consume alcohol at an alarming rate and drown sorrows in a bottle until the hangover wears off. News. The sorrows still there. I am an avid supporter of innovative educational practices that promote entrepreneurship. Another food for thought.....Hennessy does not support any EDUCATIONAL programs here instead.....all the djs promote is drinking bottles of hennessy.....especially the female Tammy on 95.3. One minute she is so proud to be a parent talking about her daughter and in the next breath.....alcohol. Smdh. Why not promote ways we can reap some of life's rewards also and teach them to sell instead of buy. Barbados mourns the rising of the devil spirits. Keep mourning.....if it was a guy on a bike who died...u would hear the negative without knowing details of riding...assumptions are made that he was riding wreckless high on drugs. Alcohol is a drug as weed is a plant. Never processed before use unless you choose. The country don't mourn the children who are neglected whether physical or sexual abuse.....we want to talk when death occurs but refuse to speak out before death because all of a sudden, Malicious Bajans want to mind their own business. Man piss in my pocket, we sweep it under the rug because that's this countries culture cause grown men here still looking at school girls. Yes. I don't just mean within the family...abuse is real in our everyday contact....hence the police officer in court 2 days ago not too mention the teacher from Lester Vaughan school guilty but still an educator. Moms are aware, but times hard and don't say, cause money coming, bills getting paid. Don't let me get started on talking about caring for the elderly. Nobody mourned for the 85year old school teacher who paved the way for so many students when she was getting evicted....nor nobody stops to give the old Combermere school teacher as he walks daily to and from church a ride in the vehicles that depreciate as soon as you drive off the lot. BARBADOS IS AN APARTHIED STATE THAT YOU PEOPLE LIVE IN. What INDEPENDENCE what? Independence mean independent and Barbados has no major exports. We too great to farm but always crying about shit getting real expensive. You get caught up in these banks crazy holiday loans to dress up for a fake season that u choose to be nice for show for a week to Jan 2, check it out and see for yourself. People who are comfortable don't care about others. You elect MP's who lie by profession, they are lawyers. Then you wonder about your countries future...or do you? Why would they tell you the truth until conviction like in a true case. When the budget rings? Ha Ha. You just don't care or you just don't say but want to kill your neighbor who would help if your house is burning. Man....... I think I need to start a blog though. Returning here after 22 years abroad.....I was rudely awakened. I commit to helping though, it is my reason for returning. I can't educate another nations youth and leave mine in the dark. This is where my foundation began. It's tough though but anybody who knows me knows what time it is. I am a leader and will try my best with who the father blesses my spiritual connect with. Look out for me to run for parliament for the people with purpose in 5-7 years. I commit too that. I even told George Payne himself who always asks me "Why you want to come back here?" it's not too look good and be recognised as a MP who isn't doing shit but watching their people suffer....

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