Berlin Wall 25 years on: 8,000 symbolic balloons divide city again

I thought this to be very interesting. As Afrikan are steeped in civil wars that divide them, the celebration of unity was in full swing just a couple days ago. In time to come Afrika will have reasons to host celebrations in honour of the destruction of the divide. But the every present question for Afrikans is now, how do we break down the walls that divide us? How do we tear down our walls of Berlin?

by Evan Bartlett

To mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall tomorrow, artist Christopher Bauder has been commissioned to recreate it using 8,000 helium balloons.

The 10km installation will form a symbolic memorial of the wall that divided the East and West of the German capital between 1961 and 1989.

berlin wall 2

“Lichtgrenze” (Light Border) follows the path of the original wall and was be in place until the 9th November 2014

berlin wall 3

At 7pm on Sunday 9th Nvember 2014, volunteers  attached personal messages to the biodegradable balloons and released them into the night sky.

Light Installation Illuminates Former Berlin Wall Route

Watch clip of event here

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