Black Am I Black I am

The African Heritage Foundation is making our contribution to African History Month by bringing to you a lecture by Dr Knife lecturer at the University Of The West Indies at a youth community production in Jamaica on the 13th February 2016. The Uprising  Lions, the entity responsible for this activity is a community organization that has existed for over 20yrs and continues by be a voice of hope and inspiration to young people in their neighborhood.

uprising young lions 1

Black Am I Black I am........  The Uprising Lions in association with Sizzla's Youth Foundation, Military Man, Claims Records and Zion Heights promotion presents the Black Am I celebrations. The celebration commenced with a health fair on February, 6, 2016, followed by a series of lectures and documentary viewings, books will be on display all month to increase historical and cultural awareness, on 13th and 20th of February respectively. Our video recording is taken from the first of these lecture series. The series will close with the Black Am I concert on the 26th of February. The venue will be @ Hope Tavern Community Complex, Papine, St. Andrew. 

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