Black Archaeologist …. Animations that empower our youth

The African Heritage Foundation is very keen on working with brothers and sisters internationally in the aim of the empowerment of Africans, those at home and those abroad. Education in the foundation for liberation, this is an unarguable fact. When we have creations of the magnitude of Black Archaeologist, we should take full advantage of them and utilize them in the best ways we can to mentally empower others, especially our youth.

black cartoons 1

Our stories are important and they must be heard.

black cartoons 2

The AHF encourages you to look at some of the trailers of Black Archaeologist, support it by purchasing it and adding them to your collection of DVD’s  in your home movie library. Should you want to purchase the DVD series and do not have the supporting mechanisms to do such, please email us at so we may be of some assistance facilitating your purchase.

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