Black Women In The Nail Business …. Black Industry A Must

Women spend nearly $1 billion dollars every year on nail polish, and one survey revealed that 33% of women own at least 25 bottles of nail polish. The industry consists of many trends including sand polish, matte finishes, at-home gel, polishes that look like gels, and even gel stickers. African women in the diaspora reportedly are the biggest spenders in this industry, and so it’s refreshing that several nail polish companies are… well, Black-owned.

Here’s at least 5 of the popular Black-owned nail polish brands:

#1 – Adore Her Nails: Former model turned nail lacquer enthusiast, Devorne Love, created this eye-catching and affordable line that also has a fun and flirty appeal.

devonte love 1 devonte love 3

#2 – Polish and Company: From cosmologist and nail expert, Theresa Williamson, this brand was created for the beauty bombshell with the aesthetics of a Southern belle.


Theresa Williamson 1 Theresa Williamson 2

#3 – Underground Nail Queenz (UGNQ): Created by former army brat, Jacklyn Berry, this new, chic & revolutionary nail polish brand promises to add a shimmering iridescent shade with a special touch.

Underground Nail Queenz 2Underground Nail Queenz 1

#4 – Ginger + Liz: Created by Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett, this line is heavily influenced by arts, travel, entertainment and especially the Classic Chic, Modern Luxe, Bohemian Hipster, and Rock Glam fashion driven lifestyles.


#5 – Bernadette Thompson Nail Care and Color: Created by Bernadette Thompson, a trend-setting nail artist, this line gives a seasonal presentation of slick, sophisticated, fun colors that literally put the latest fashion trends on women’s finger tips.

bernadette thompson 1bernadette thompson



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OAH hopes this feature was of some inspiration to our emerging business people. Let us create what we use and what we need. The less we have to depend on others and the more have to offer others is the mark of a proud thinking people.

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