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Hey everyone, my name is Romario Hinds, I am a young entrepreneur based on the Caribbean island of Barbados., owner of Blueland Foods.
I would like to introduce our signature sauce that has been favored by the majority of persons in Barbados. This product is 100% Bajan and withholds the quality to compete with any other well known brand of sauce. Before we get into my sauce I am sharing my journey into this venture.
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After my first week of operation within my new business of creating sweet garlic sauce, I was and still am truly appreciative and most thankful for the response I've been given from friends, family and my pleasant customers.

Although the start up process without a doubt was frustrating, I didn't give up due to my strong will compounded with the encouragement of others. As a young black man in Barbados , where the stereotype dictates that the majority of us will lead a life of criminal activities and reside in the house of unemployment, I ask the all mighty daily that with the assistance of my customers to allow my business to grow and prosper in a fashion that I can create employment for those that are unemployed, I hope that it inspires other young black men and women to create their own business and not get in it for selfish financial gains but for the vision of giving back to the community and to the greater extent the country.

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To create a business and think of self alone means you'll become selfish along the path but to create a business and think of the masses you'll push harder to accommodate the country at large, that's my vision and destination.

Today youths are tomorrows leaders of this country, so I will plant my seed now so in the future we will be able to help this country. So I ask to support and keep supporting this 100% Bajan Product
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During operation, the greatest joy I have received is the excitement painted on someone face that, expresses the deliciousness of the sweet garlic sauce or  the extensive Whatsapp messages that emphasize how pleasant the sweet garlic sauce is, the payment of the sauce to me is secondary excitement.

I've realize the only way you'll truly be happy in life is when you love what you do and others appreciate it.

I Romario Hinds am supported by the African Heritage Foundation in this business venture and I am confident that this product will revolutionize the condiment of choice with the inclusion of this Sweet Garlic Sauce.

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This Sweet Garlic Sauce is highly favored with foods such as; Chips,  Fish (Fried or Grilled),  Chicken (Barbecue , Fried, Buffalo wings),  Pork (Spare Ribs or Ham),  Sea Food (Shrimp, Crab, Lobster ),  Salad Dressing (Potato Salad, Toss Salad, Steam Vegetables , Stir Fry), Burgers (Fish,Beef,Chicken),  Hot Dogs,  Macaroni Pie,  Nacho Chips Dips (Doritos, Ole, Tostitos), Wraps (Chicken, Fish, Shrimp), Sandwiches/Subs.
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The African Heritage Foundation is directly asking  all food vendors, restaurants, kitchen magicians, kitchen terrorist and every AHF member to support this venture by purchasing one bottle of this product for trial in your homes and businesses.
This product retails for $2.50 UDS / $5 Bds
Cutomer Review:  Customer living in America requested a bottle of our delicious sweet garlic sauce, she has received it and already she loves it

Before purchasing it, she said she doesn't like garlic but after tasting it, she said she's definitely making an exception for this product, she professed her love for the product and utilizes it on everything she eats now.

Pictures below were sent by her.

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Please use our website to give our young brother your reviews on his product.

You can place your orders at or Call/Whatsapp : 1 -  246 -237-7269

AHF supporting young family business

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