Bomlambo – Those Of The Water

Bomlambo - Those of the Water

Check out this visually-striking, award-winning South African short film titled "Bomlambo - Those of the Water," from director Zwelesizwe Ntuli, which tells a story of a young Xhosa woman named Nobuntu, who has a prophetic dream. She finds a young boy named Siphelele, washed up on shore, and believes that he is a gift from the Abantu Bomlambo - which directly translated means, “the people of the river”, and who are feared, respected and loved ancestral spirits, semi-deities that dwell in the water. Some believe that they take physical form, while others say they only visit in dreams; and others say that they are shape-shifting spirits.

The boy Nobuntu finds (Siphelele) is then put into a position in which he's forced to fight for what is his new home, in order to feel some new sense of belonging.

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