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The “United Rastafari Council’s (URC)” interim committee will be hosting a community meeting on Wednesday the 14th November at the “Israel Lovell Foundation”.


Rastafari in Barbados are on the forward trajectory of creating a council that will guide the advancement and empowerment of their community. It will also be of service to marginalized African descended people on the island.

Members of the Rastafari community, the majority of Rastafari mansion’s and a couple community based organizations have come together to create the above mentioned council. To do this an interim committee was selected from a meeting were the above mentioned entities were present. At this meeting the name “United Rastafari Council (URC)” was birthed.

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The interim committee of the URC is tasked with the mission of hosting a National Rastafari Conference (NRC). It is estimated that there are over 5000 Rastafari residing on the island of Barbados. It is intended that the NRC be the platform that will facilitate the election of Rastafari from a sizable gathering of its community to sit on the URC. It is noted that many Rastafari brothers and sisters are not affiliated to any organization and are hardly afforded the opportunity to contribute to the development of their community as they would like. The NRC is being designed whereby these individuals can have a greater opportunity to serve their community. The interim committee of the URC will soon be ready to commence the nomination process for those willing and suited to sit on leadership council. It must be noted that roles within the URC are to facilitate interactions with government and private entities both locally and internationally. Collective decision making and action implementation will be the manner in which the URC will function.

The URC will be engaged in representation on behalf of the Rastafari community on legal and political platforms. It will also assist with spearheading national Rastafari business and social initiatives. One such business interest will be centered on the Rastafari community and the emerging cannabis industry.

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It has been proposed by the interim committee of the URC that a Rastafari database be created. This database will not only collect the names of Rastafari in Barbados, it will also list their businesses and expertise. The information collected from this database will assist the URC with the development of social and financial initiatives that serve the entire Rastafari community. Initiatives such as a Rastafari financial institution will be aided by a database of this nature.

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As the interim committee of the URC busies itself with the planning of the NRC, it is also tasked with addressing issues affecting the Rastafari community that are time sensitive. One such issue is the representation and inclusion of the Rastafari community in the emerging cannabis industry. As other entities ready themselves for the cannabis green light, Rastafari must do likewise.

As such at the upcoming community meeting scheduled for Wednesday 14th November, Mr. Douglas Trotman who is a lawyer and who is presently laying the foundation for representation and inclusion of marginalized groupings of interest at the national cannabis industry table, will reason with the community on how it can be included in this action. He will also speak to the constitutional right of Rastafari to use cannabis within their sacramental administrations and legal channels that can be explored in having that right respected by law.

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This meeting will also facilitate further developmental plans for the NRC.

All are invited. The interim URC committee is looking forward to meeting with you.




TIME: 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm


History teaches us that unity is strength, and cautions us to submerge and overcome our differences in the quest for common goals, to strive, with all our combined strength, for the path to true African brotherhood and unity.  Haile Selassie

Interim Committee of United Rastafari Council.

For more info please call 240 8904 or email for more information.

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