Bob Marley in Ethiopia

bob marley 1
February 1, 2016

At the end of 1978, an unexpected visitor arrived in Ethiopia. Bob Marley, the international reggae star and Pan-African popular icon came to the East African country, considered the holy land by the Rastafari movement, of which he was a member.


Eartha Kitt …. America’s Mistress

eartha kitt 4
November 13, 2015

Eartha Kitt Eartha Kitt’s daughter has revealed that the singer died without knowing the identity of her white father, after being denied the truth by officials in the American Deep South. Kitt’s extraordinary life and elusive past has come under the spotlight five years after her death, with publication of a biography called America’s Mistress: Eartha Kitt, Her Life and Times by British journalist John Williams. The world-famous singer came…


Jamaican artistes charge more for shows in Africa than in Europe or America. WHY?

Busy Signal 3
November 9, 2015

By Problem Masau The revelation by Long Cash Entertainment chief executive, Patrick Hundu that he was charged US$55 000 by Busy Signal to perform in Zimbabwe has opened a can of worms and hypocrisy associated with Jamaican artistes who charge more exorbitantly to perform in Africa than on any other continent. Investigations by this paper showed that while Jamaican musicians purport to love Africa, often calling it motherland, their performing…


Black Archaeologist …. Animations that empower our youth

black cartoons 3
November 1, 2015

The African Heritage Foundation is very keen on working with brothers and sisters internationally in the aim of the empowerment of Africans, those at home and those abroad. Education in the foundation for liberation, this is an unarguable fact. When we have creations of the magnitude of Black Archaeologist, we should take full advantage of them and utilize them in the best ways we can to mentally empower others, especially…


Cubans trace roots to remote Sierra Leone village

cuba ganga
October 28, 2015

The African songs have been kept alive in Cuba for generations The African songs have been kept alive in Cuba for generations For decades the Ganga-Longoba of Perico have been singing the same chants, a tradition passed down the generations. But until recently this Afro-Cuban community knew little of the origin of the songs, or of their own ancestors. Now, thanks to the work of an Australian academic, Cuba’s Ganga…


Morgan Heritage to apply for Kenyan citizenship

October 20, 2015

Jamaican reggae group Morgan Heritage members will apply for Kenyan citizenship. Famously known as the ‘Royal Family of Reggae’, the group says it will soon make a home in the country. For the last two weeks, the Don Haffi Dread-famed band has been in Kenya, where apart from headlining the Extravaganza concert, they have been engaging in several charity activities.


Caribbean African Reggae Fest

Caribbean Afro Reggae Fest
July 2, 2015

Music is the international language that transcends culture and state lines. New York is a hub for international acts to reach another edge of their audience as seen in popular music festivals like Prospect Park’s concert series at the Bandshell. In an effort to provide another platform for Afro-Caribbean artists to connect with their American audience, Ania B. and Antonin DK are launching the first Caribbean African Reggae Fest. Ania…



selassie bday poster
June 16, 2014

Our Afrikan Heritage magazine host the best reggae dance in Barbados ” Foundation Friday”. This dance is being thrown in honour of the 122th earthday of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.                                       Every year Our Afrikan Heritage magazine host several community events in honour of our culture and heritage. The figure Haile Selassie…


Kofi Sankofa – Ancestral Callin’

Kofi Sankofa – Ancestral Callin’
May 20, 2014

Known for his provocative, ‘no holds barred’ approach to telling Afrikan history and providing social commentary, poet Kofi Sankofa presents his usual frankness through fifteen moving tracks that broach a plethora of themes and social issues. From domestic abuse  and female empowerment to violence and grief, Sankofa utilizes his platform to educate and challenge listeners to become captains of their own ships in order to create and sustain healthier Afrikan…