“The Teachings of Don Juan”

June 8, 2017

You are invited to read and discuss ” The Teachings of Don Juan” with the African Heritage Foundation. In the next couple weeks we will be sharing with you chapters of ” The Teachings of Don Juan”. These particular articles will be long and directed to those of us that like to read and are curious about spiritual knowledge beyond what we may know already. This book also makes for…


Counting the number 666 of Revelation and its connection to the Great Pyramid and Barbados. A book discussion review.

May 18, 2017

I started a book discussion a couple weeks ago; three to be exact, that explores the relationship between the Bible, The Clock Face and The Great Pyramid. The book being used for this discussion is the ‘Clock Face Code’  written by Courtney Buchanan. It must be noted that this book is unavailable for purchase anywhere. The author, after printing just a couple copies, maybe three or four, decided that the…


Barbados should listen to Dr Rodney

May 9, 2017

Dr Walter Rodney in 1973 wrote,”Education is crucial in any type of society for the preservation of the lives of its members and the maintenance of the social structure. Under certain circumstances, education also promotes social change. The greater portion of that education is informal, being acquired by the young from the example and behaviour of elders in the society.


Review: Unlock the Door by La Shawna Griffith

April 18, 2017

Who is La Shawna Griffith?  La Shawna Griffith is an emerging poet who was born and resides in beautiful Barbados. She is twenty- two years of age. She truly loves writing pieces to promote change in the world. Her goal is to become a voice for the voiceless, a hope and an inspiration.


How do we present the evils of history to the innocent mind and heart of a child?

November 18, 2015

It’s a question faced time and again by educators and authors on a regular basis. And it’s a debate we need to continuously have, especially as some of the most popular books released are presenting critical, uncomfortable narratives like slavery in a whitewashed light. One such book is A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat by Emily Jenkins and featuring illustrations by Sophie Blackall. The “well-intentioned” book tells the story…


China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa

November 10, 2015

by Howard W. French Reviewed by Nicolas van de Walle  Howard French, Associate Professor, Columbia Journaliam School. French is an award winning journalist with decades of experience in Africa. French’s second book on Africa, “China’s Second Continent,” was cited as one of the best books of 2014 by the Economist, The Guardian and Foreign Affairs Magazine.  Over one million Chinese citizens have moved to Africa in the last two decades, where they have established a wide array…


They Gave The Crowd Plenty Fun …. Cricket more than a game. Book Review

October 15, 2015

John Stevenson reviews Colin Babb’s study of the West Indies cricket team and the UK Caribbean community. Written by By John Stevenson 14/10/2015 In his revised and updated book, They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun: West Indian Cricket and its Relationship with the British-Resident Caribbean Diaspora (Hansib: 2015), Colin Babb successfully explores the remarkable relationship between the Caribbean community in Britain and the West Indies cricket team. They Gave the Crowd…


Africa: EXO, An African Superhero Animated Film and Graphic Novel

March 11, 2015

Writer and creative director Roye Okupe launches his debut graphic novel EXO: The Legend of Wale Williams, based on a superhero from Nigeria (Africa) YouNeek Studios, the Maryland based transmedia company, is proud to bring to their fans the graphic novel, EXO: The Legend of Wale Williams. EXO will be a trilogy of books with the first split into two parts. Part one will be a 110-page book and it’s…