Your Beauty Standards Are Defined By You

Beauty 8
November 3, 2015

To hell with perfection!  To hell with whatever society’s image of “beauty” is and embrace what you’ve got. Gone are the days of my box gap, flat tummy and toned tush. Gone are the nights when I would binge eat anything I could get my hands on, only to end up hunched over the toilet trying to make myself vomit up the entire pizza I consumed (while running the shower…



halima 2
October 30, 2015

  By sensualcharm I know this is a huge emotional issue we have as women. A lot of our energy is zapped in worrying about our men cheating: if he’ll cheat, is he cheating, am I getting any testimonies here?  Cheating. It’s what many of us fear to a point where we begin to micro manage our men, dictating to him what is “acceptable” behavior: not connecting with female friends,…