Come and enjoy a mind challenging afternoon with the “Warri Warriors”. Join the club!

On Saturday afternoon’s at the “Liberty House” from 2pm Warri enthusiast gather to challenge each other in a game or two of Warri.

The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) is in the process of formulating a Warri club called “Warri Warriors Barbados (WWB)”.  The aim of the club will be to promote the game throughout the island. To do so it is intended that ‘WWB” host several Warri challenges. It is also intended that ‘Warri Warriors Barbados’ will influence the creation of Warri clubs in schools and in communities throughout the island.

Warriors in battle!

Fees: Monthly fees are collected from members of WWB to facilitate the purchasing of club shirts, market and promote the club and fund Warri tournaments throughout the island. While “Warri Warriors Barbados” will have a minimal club fee of $15 per month for adults 22 and over, while it is free for youth 10 – 21 years of age, anyone can drop in on Saturday afternoon’s to play or learn the game free of cost.

‘Liberty House” is located on Upper Two Mile Hill St. Michael. For directions or more info on “Warri Warriors Barbados” please call or whatsapp Taurien at 260 -4795 or email


Warri is the island’s oldest surviving game. It is a member of a great family of pit-and-pebble strategy games that originated in the Sudan over 3600 years ago when accountants and engineers of the ancient Kush Civilization of the Upper Nile (today’s Sudan) used counters on a tablet with depressions to carry out mathematical calculations. As such, Warri could possibly be called a descendant of the first “computer game”. Read more here ….

The AHF seeks a donation of a logo for WWB and it welcomes ideas for a WWB club slogan.

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