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What is “Home Directed Learning”. Service?

It is a system of education that takes the child out of the formal school environment and places him or her in one that is directed by his or her parents. Parents in essence direct the education from the home. They may opt to educate the children themselves or retain a service that will assist them with the education of their children. “Home Directed Learning” does not have to take place in the home. It can be done anywhere that the parent or tutor deems suitable. “Home Directed Learning” ensures a safe, enjoyable learning experience for children. It also facilitates individual attention for each child.

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Parents that hire the BAASE “Home Directed Learning” service are paying for tutoring support for themselves and children, personalised curriculum development for children, creativity in lesson planning and delivery and the opportunity for daily direct input into children’s educational development. This service guarantees that children achieve social and academic excellence. Social excellence is defined as having a keen social awareness and sense of responsibility. The “Home Directed Learning” service advocates cooperation over competition and respect for everyone.

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What is the Barbados Alkebulan Academy for Social Empowerment (BAASE) ” Home Directed Learning” service?

It is the educational arm of the African Heritage Foundation which is a full-time organization. This particular arm of the organisation has structured itself in a manner that provides help to parents and families wishing to examine the wide range of choices available to educate their children at home. Our highly qualified staff of consultants and tutors combined have more than five decades of experience with traditional schooling, homeschooling and other forms of education.

We understand the importance of team effort because we know that parents’ involvement in the education of their children is essential. Our staff provides guidance, encouragement, and resources to help the whole family achieve success in this venture.

BAASE networks with many like-minded organizations and professionals in the areas of speech therapy, gifted education, education counseling and special needs education, offering our assistance wherever your family is located and working with your child on his or her level.

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Services For All Interested in Homeschooling (regardless of creed, class, color or race)

1.  Getting Started: To assure you a solid start, we assist you with the homeschool application process as required by the ministry of education and explain your responsibilities.

2.  Homeschool Program Design: This is for the parent and student who want help in customizing their own program, selecting curriculum and setting up a plan for the year. The parent and student fill out our educational questionnaire, which is used to help identify strengths, previous curriculum choices, and student and parent goals. After reviewing the questionnaire and previous education records, we help you tailor a curriculum and organize a program that will fit your situation.   The program design requires a meeting with the parent and student in their home environment.

3.  Consultation Meeting: Reasons for this could include but are not restricted to: a) review of your child’s test results – either from our testing or results from a previous school experience, b) to help you determine if homeschooling is the best choice, c) practical help and suggestions about teaching methods and finding resources, d) a question and answer session if you are trying to decide whether to homeschool or enroll, e) help with problems in your current homeschooling, f) relationship difficulties in the family, and g) college and career guidance.

4.  End-of-Year Assessments 

Portfolio Assessment:

BAASE will conduct a portfolio review as the annual assessment of your child’s academic progress. Parents will also be assessed to ensure they are fully participating in their children’s educational development

Portfolio Report Contents

  1. Child’s complete name, birth date, address, grade, and school year
  2. Attendance for the school year:
    1. ____________  date school began
    2. ____________ date school ended
    3. ____________ number of days of school
  3. Description of each course, including a copy of the table of contents of each main textbook. These courses include the state’s required courses as well as your student’s creative courses and ‘electives’. We will include a scope and sequence for each course (topics and the order in which they were covered).
  4. List of special projects your child completed.
  5. List of field trips taken throughout the year (site name and place).
  6. Summary of areas of growth you have observed in your child over the course of the year. Note of special moments where you saw “lights go on”.
  7. Extensive samples of your child’s work in each subject from the beginning, middle, and end of the year.

Relax and enjoy this special time as you will see how much was truly accomplished as you reflect.

BAASE ” Home Directed Learning ” will initially cater to 50 children and commence in September 2017. If you are interested in enrolling in this service please send email to or call 624 0484 to arrange a meeting with us.

In our next article we will look at more benefits of “Home Directed Learning” and Credit Recognition

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