Coronavirus Food Security Programme Now Includes Backyard Gardeners

In Dominica the Ministry of Agriculture and the Blue and Green Economy is now including backyard gardens in its recently unveiled Coronavirus Food Security Programme.

This initiative, guided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Wellness concentrates on food production as an apparatus to prepare, mitigate and respond to and recover from the COVID19 pandemic with special emphasis on national food security.

The Government of Dominica spent EC$162,000 to procure seeds and produce seedlings and planting materials for farmers island wide.

Seedlings are being propagated in Laplaine, Grandbay and Portsmouth and a greenhouse has also been retrofitted at the Botanic Gardens for the purpose of growing seedlings.

The Ministry announced on Tuesday that backyard gardeners in the urban, suburban and peri-urban areas will now have access to the resources.

“We will be propagating the essentials to provide the proteins, vitamins, minerals and starch that a family needs,” explained Technical officer for Projects and Services in the Ministry of Agriculture, Ryan Anselm says this aspect of the programme is very important.

“That programme is basically to guarantee the food security needs of the nation and we are targeting the most vulnerable and [single parent] households. We want people to eat safe and nutritious food so we are providing a package to backyard gardening families.”

Over 100,000 seedlings of leafy and other vegetables have already been produced for distribution to larger scale farmers.

Anselm says interested families should contact the Ministry of Agriculture and indicate their space, availability of water and their gardening methods and systems.

Essential crops like corn, beans and sweet potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkin, cucumbers, cabbage, sweet peppers, and pumpkin are being produced.

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