Counting the number 666 of Revelation and its connection to the Great Pyramid and Barbados. A book discussion review.

I started a book discussion a couple weeks ago; three to be exact, that explores the relationship between the Bible, The Clock Face and The Great Pyramid. The book being used for this discussion is the ‘Clock Face Code’  written by Courtney Buchanan.

It must be noted that this book is unavailable for purchase anywhere. The author, after printing just a couple copies, maybe three or four, decided that the information contained in the book would bring him serious negative repercussions , so he discontinued the printing stage of the book. Prior to this Courtney had what he calls a spiritual encounter and had retreated from the world into seclusion for a period of time, re-entering it with this manuscript.

How did I mange to be in possession of the book you ask? A close family member of mine is a very good friend of Courtney and was commissioned to proofread the book. Traveling to Barbados my family brought the book to let me have a look at it as they knew information of this nature would interest me. The book was left with me by accident I think but also by destiny I am sure

I write this article as a means of inviting you to attend the discussion.

In a nutshell the book is about breaking codes contained in the Bible and the Great Pyramid using the clock face or face of the clock.

Clock Face 4

Revelation 13:18 is the base of the discussion and it is from this point that we launched into uncovering or deciphering the codes hidden in the Great Pyramid. For those unfamiliar with the Bible, this is the passage that tells of the famous/infamous number 666. It reads, “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred threescore and six.” In our discussion we count the number 666 and its relevance to the Great Pyramid. Did you know for instance that ………

Clock Face 5

The Pyramid’s slope angle is 51.84 degrees ……. 5+1+8+4 = 6+6+6

The King James Bible of 1611 AD …………………….. 16 +1+1 = 6+6+6

The Pyramids slope, 576 feet …………………………..5+7+6 = 6+6+6

The Pyramids Base, 756 feet …………………………….7+5+6= 6+6+6

clock face code review 1

The manifestations of the number 666 in the Great Pyramid are numerous. In fact the author says the Great Pyramid has an obsession with it. Time and space are also related to the number 666, the Bible and The Great Pyramid. For example, the sum of the base, slope and height of the Great Pyramid is 1813. If reversed we get 13:18 and the passage from Revelation mentioned above. But what else happened in 1813? The statue of Lord Nelson was erected in Barbados in 1813. Nelson was the first British Monument in the Caribbean. Why is this significant to us now? Well, this is where the discussion comes it and thus far it has been more eye opening that I could have ever imagined.

Clock Face 6

What is Barbados’s pivotal role in the history of time and space? We also explore this question together in the discussion (not giving away answers here). The dimensions of the Great Pyramid graphically reveal that the English alphabet is a prophetic code, deliberately structured upon the wisdom of the Great Pyramid.

18 x 13 = 234. This number 234 is what is known as the prime trihex. This means when it is reflected adds up to the number 666 (234 + 432=666). Interested yet? The Great Pyramid has a perimeter of 3,024 feet. We can clearly see the prime trihex 234 encoded here. On the clock face this code leads us to the year 2012 (again you would have to attend the discussion to see how we arrive at the year 2012). Ask yourself what was significant in the year 2012 globally and to Barbados. These are also questions that are answered in the book discussion as dates and events are researched for homework so to speak.

I will leave you with this! In the Great Pyramid’s slope angle, 51.84 degrees we see the ‘Mount of the Congregation’ of the ‘Lucifer Monologue’, commonly known as the ‘5 I wills of Lucifer’ in the book of Isaiah 14:13. The number 51.84 is also a code for 1413 ( 1 and 4 to make 14 and 5+8 =13 ). The Lucifer Monologue of Isaiah 14:13 is the most famous passage in the Bible concerning Lucifer’s origins and despotic intentions. The word Lucifer is found only once in the Bible in Isaiah chapter 14. The number 1413 is the reverse of the world famous number sequence of pi, 3.141, which is the formula essential for measuring the circumference of a 360 degree circle. The sum of 360 +306 = 666. The book of Revelation is then seen as a lesson in the prophetic meaning of the 360 degree circle and the equilateral triangle of 60x 60 x 60 degrees. The Great Pyramid is now seen as symbolic of the ‘mount’ spoken of in Isaiah 14:13

Clock Face 3

Isaiah 14:12, How art thou fallen from heavens, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

Isaiah 14:13, For thou has said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds: I will be like the most high.

What is the conclusion of the discussion group thus far after three weeks of discourse? It is that the Great Pyramid has the codes to the frequency that can align us to those of the Most High or the Creating Energy. In the Bible Jesus says, the things you have seen me do, you can do also and greater. Could the Great Pyramid help us understand ourselves more thus bringing us more in line with our purpose and destiny here on this planet?

Join us every Wednesday at 6pm at Carlton House, Two Mile Hill, St Michael as we continue this book discussion. A small fee of $10 is charged per class to facilitate venue rental and material costs. For more information on this or to register please email us or call 231 3185.




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