Creating independence, is everyone’s responsibility. An invitation to activism.

People often ask me, what do I have to do if I join the African Heritage Foundation? I always have three answer for this question:

  1. Anything! You can use your strengths/talents in any way you wish in the organization, as long as it is geared towards community development and people empowerment.
  2. Everything! If you know you are capable in assisting in all areas of the organization’s activities, you are welcome to do so. Even if it is helping to move chairs and table at events. All assistance is needed and valuable. No task is above any other!
  3. Nothing! You can support the organization by just paying the dues. The AHF follows the philosophy of Marcus Garvey who said, great accomplishments could be attained in our communities, if we contributed one dollar a day to our own development. We at the AHF collect dues of fifteen dollars a month from members. This breaks down to roughly fifty cents a day. You are invited to do nothing, save pay your dues and attend AHF events at your convenience. These members are very valuable to the organization. They help provide us with the economic capacity  to facilitate the work of the organization.

Please note that all members are afforded the same benefits. You can find out about these benefits by contacting the AHF. Contact information will be given at the end of this article.

In our communities everyone is capable of contributing to the overall development of the whole. The philosophy of the AHF says, the garbage man is as valuable as the prime minister to the overall development of the country. Thus it is in the organization. All are valuable!

At present the AHF is engaged in several projects that with your assistance can be strengthened. These are;

  1. The effective managing of its home directed learning service. This is a service that assist parents who wish to homeschool their children, to do so. You can find out more about this service at .

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2. The creation of a community culture house. This is being done at the headquarters of the organization. The headquarters is located in the St Barnabas and Ivy communities on Two Mile Hill. The Community Culture House will facilitate:

  • art exhibitions
  • an African history centered video library
  • classes in the preparation of healthy meals (let food be your medicine)
  • health and wellness classes
  • African language classes
  • arts and craft classes
  • youth debates and discussions
  • develop and support other collective community activities
  • vegetarian restaurant styled business
  • health and wellness services (massage, yoga)
  • conceptualize, implement and manage community based projects that are anchored in collective sustainable development

  1. The effective operation and management of a small organic farm




    4. The effective managing of community based activities. One such activity would be the “Pumping Wata Hole       Lime”. This is a fundraising activity recently developed by the AHF, and includes a community movie night and games evening.



5. Facilitating the creation of media spaces where people can have in depth conversations on local and international developments that contribute or hinder our development. Examples of these media spaces would be, a radio program, a newspaper or magazine, a website (already done) and in the long term, a radio station

6. Supporting business development in varied ways. This includes creating business opportunities with a focus on the youth. One such business would be the ” Heritage Kitchen”. This is a take away vegetarian food shop operated Monday through Friday by one of the members at the AHF headquarters and supported by the whole. The AHF and the member operating this business are partners in this business venture.

I invite you to join the African Heritage Foundation and become a member. As stated before and cannot be emphasized enough. Each and every member is of great value to the accomplishing of this charities goals.

I ask you to consider the mission of the AHF and work done thus far by this organization in your conversation with self on if to join or not. I also ask you to ask yourself if you can or cannot afford to contribute $15 a month (fifty cents a day), to the goal of accomplishing any one or all the engagements the AHF is undertaking at present. The very last question I would like to ask you, to ask yourself is, can I afford to leave the development of my country and my people solely in the hands of government?

I do hope this short invitation to the African Heritage Foundation has done enough to encourage you to join us or at the very least contact us for more information. You can email us at or call 2620068. You are always welcome to visit us at the HQ on Two Mile Hill. Call the given number for directions.

Thank you for giving me this moment of your time.

The African Heritage Foundation. Helping to build social consciousness and responsibility embedded in activism and action.

Also note that membership is open is persons residing outside of Barbados.

Walk Good Sisters and Brothers!


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