Curbing Racial Prejudice Is Child’s Play

Many people ask me all the time, why is it important for us to know more about Africa? How does it affect my life now? Can it put bread on my table or help pay my bills? I am always amused when these statements are being made and I am then challenged to give a suitable answer. Why challenged you may ask? I say challenged due to the numerous answers that I could list. So I first have to asses the person before giving the best answer possible.

Market opportunity is what I am focused on as I present this article to you. I hope that stories like what you are about to read prove inspirational to the point of influencing others to use the many resources Africa has that are  available to them in creating or expanding their respective businesses.

Saint Lucian model launches black doll collection

malaville-696x392 (1)

Mala Bryan, said it has always been her dream to create her own doll collection. Following her dream, this is exactly what she has done. Mala made the announcement of her brand new doll collection in November on her social media pages, which has since received widespread attention.

Bryan, 33, who comes from La Pointe, Mon Repos and lived in Vieux Fort said as a doll collector herself, she found it difficult to find a variety of black dolls with ethnic hair to add to her personal collection.

Realizing that she was not the only one having that issue, she notes other adult collectors and parents wanting to add diversity to their children’s doll collection faced similar challenges. This is when the idea hit her to become part of the solution instead of merely complaining about the problem. Launching a collection of black dolls became her mission, a journey to fulfill not only her dreams, but to make a meaningful contribution to the empowerment of our African descended people.

black dolls 6

The model who now resides in South Africa has made good on her vision and created a different doll depicting women of African descent. The dolls are unique as Mala has interjected her personal touches on the dolls to make very powerful statements to our little black girls.

She said, “I chose the eye shapes, skin color, their features I designed them all. I made them also with little to no makeup because I wanted their natural beauty to stand out,” she explained.

black dolls 1black dolls 2

black dolls 3black dolls 5

“I have finally been able to create a doll that many young black and brown girls can relate to and many children of other races can now have a black and brown doll to add to their collection,” she added. This way it helps to curb prejudiced opinions and actions based on skin colour from a young age. Dolls that play together will eventually create people that can work and live together in mutual respect in appreciation of each other.

Mallville dolls will be available at several retail stores across the island in the near future. But in the meantime, persons can make purchases online at

black dolls 4

We look forward to the Caribbean fully supporting this sister of the islands. I encourage you to get your daughter, nieces, god daughter, neighbor or whomever one of these dolls.

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