Dispensers of Hopelessness Raining Havoc on Barbados

I am wondering how much more CAN the people of Barbados take! When I say people I am speaking here of financially poor people.  People who work for minimum wage or less or even a few cents above it. At the same time, I am wondering how much more WILL they take!

Everything is or has gone up. The sleight of hand that took away the NRSL and Road Tax while giving it back in cloaked fashion is taking its toll on the people. You have taken bread from 1500 people after increasing their water bill.  You let hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to the treasury by big business people slide. You have pardoned a corrupt administration making them unaccountable for their financial misconduct and misrepresentation  of the people of Barbados. You are advancing cannabis law and policies that will favour the wealthy while your draconian law prohibiting recreational use, ruins many lives in numerous ways. Under your administration that is not a full year in term, we are experiencing an unprecedented murder rate while the Commissioner of Police is saying crime is on the decline. Should we be surprised when known lords of crime felt confident to attend your swearing in and left many swearing? Now you are making people who make $250 or less per week to pay $70 in bus fares. How do you sleep at night?


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The list of grievances against you is ever growing is going to produce the proverbial straw that breaks Barbados’ back. The society is fed up! The youth are fed up! I am fed up, aren’t you? Justice is a fleeting illusion to be perused but never attained in Barbados. So as Haile Selassie said and Bob Marley immortalized in song, “There will be war”.  The war of conscience is being waged in the minds and sensibilities of poor Barbadians, their cup is full and is about to overflow. Mind you get wet!

You have kicked, spat on, slapped and trampled underfoot the trust and faith the people of Barbados have put in you. You are betraying the trust the Rastafari community has put in you. You are betraying the trust that cannabis advocates have put in you. You are betraying the trust youth have put in you. Most of all you are betraying yourself.


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Patching holes while digging pits seems to be your present plan of action. Your solution to the ever increasing murder rate is failing miserably and nothing you do can stop the blood or rather nothing you are willing to do. I have said and will continue to say guns are not the problem. Hopelessness of the youth is the most dangerous weapon any society could possess. While we worry how the guns are getting in, dispensers of hopelessness distribute their poison freely. Our 19th murder was a stabbing: anyone care to guess in what murderous form youth hopelessness will take its form in next? Tune in next week, it would seem as we are in, around the 12th week of the year.

We have no opposition, so the people must rise up. The people that put you there must now admit to themselves they made a serious mistake. Let us cast no blame now on anyone other than this present administration for lying to the people throughout their campaigning, promising them the hope of something better.  All politicians must be held accountable to the people. The same way they used to set up in communities, rallying people to get their votes, they should be doing so now, to get people’s opinions and taking recommendations from them. Community political meetings should be a regular feature of Barbados politics and governance. We must not continue to be relegated to voices on the radio or ink in a newspaper.

Many people complain about the harshness of a situation but will never make the steps to truly address it, while professing to have the solution. I call these people “Noisy Barkers”. These people are akin to dogs who bark ferociously at the gate but when approached puts tail between legs and runs away.

Please note, this article is only a commentary on two aspects of the budget and our present social conditions. People say these are austerity measures that need time to bear fruit. An African proverb states that while the grass grows the elephant starves. Let us pray the Elephant does not die before the grass is ready to eat.

It is said, when the people are ready  the leaders will follow.

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