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"Our Afrikan Heritage" magazine is thrilled to resume our discussions through our very own BLOG SPOT. In light of the launching of this BLOG I wanted to start our discourse with a topic that is sure to grab everyone's attention. What better topic to do this than SEX.  The particular area of SEX we will delve into today will be "Afrikan women and orgasms". The topic "Do Afrikan Women Have Orgasms"?Afrikan woman

I was reading an article written by Love Doctor Yangki Christine Akiteng. The very first thing that the good Love Doctor states is that "in North America the biggest thing in sexuality is the orgasm". This is clearly seen as entire sections of bookstores are dedicated to the mechanics of sex as though new bedroom breakthroughs are being made every day.

The question was then posed to hundreds of Afrikan women, "do Afrikan women have orgasms"? The answer "no we do not have orgasms".

Before we dive in to this topic, it should be noted that Afrikans do not like talking about sex with outsiders. This is attributed to having their culture and ways exploited for centuries by those who have come in the name of friendship. The result of this is now a high suspicion and unwillingness to share something that is so sacred to their culture.

The Love Doctor noted that due to the unwillingness to talk about sex, it was initially difficult to explore orgasms and the Afrikan woman. Persistence and patience eventually won out and the questions was then asked by the Afrikan women "what does orgasm mean"?  Many Afrikan women thought orgasms were a white woman's thing. The fact of the matter is that very few Afrikan languages have a word for orgasm. One white woman who was present during the discussion made the assertion, "seeing that there is no word for orgasm in most Afrikan languages, it must mean that Afrikan women don't have orgasms".

After the barriers were broken and the group of Afrikan women started to open up, they said when they spoke about sex amongst themselves they spoke of being "satisfied, releasing the flood or busting the bubble". As would be expected these terms spoke to the amount of sexual fluid that was released during the act of sex. It is noted that in Uganda, some motels and hotels place plastic under the sheets due to the amount of sexual fluids released by women of certain ethnic groupings.

Moreover, the technique used in these cultures is not one of penetration but that of rhythmic circular stroking of the clitoris. There are many jokes and songs  of taking a washing basin and mop into the bedroom and teasing the thing until it rained. Yet we never see any research done and books written about Afrikan exhilarating wet sex that soak the two people in sexual fluids sometimes gluing them together. All you ever see written about Afrikan women's sex lives, is the barbaric nature of dry sex. Dry sex is not common and is found in very few isolated cultures. In fact the women said it was because they get so wet that they had to dry themselves.

Afrikans perform sex in the same way they dance. That is why learning how to twist the buttocks and pelvis in rapid circular motions is almost mandatory to Afrikans. The abandon with which an Afrikan man or woman dances says a lot about his erotic abilities.

Afrikan women understand that there is more to sex than a mind blowing orgasm. Afrikan women accept that while it is wonderful to have an orgasm, the fusion of the two bodies and spirits often is far more pleasurable. They are never worried about if they will have a orgasm or not.

The Afrikan women being interviewed said "we are not concerned about how we perform, how we look in this or that Victoria Secret number or how long we can put on a striptease or stage performance. We are so grossly engrossed in what we are doing "we lose it".

Afrikan cultures have what is called "losing one's mind", "moment of truth" or "small death". This is said when a person has no recollection of the sexual experience and has to be told about it by their partner. Afrikans say the most they can remember is being in another world, far away from here.

"Losing one's mind" may include talking gibberish, sobbing loudly, singing, laughing hysterically, fainting or some other unusual expression. "Losing one's mind" is about the quietening of the chatter of the mind and being so immersed in the moment that one experiences an ecstatic state. In the west this may be considered a trance; to Afrikans this is just good sex.

It might be a shock to many western researchers and Afrikan Urbanites (modern Afrikans)  that some Afrikan women reach orgasm without any physical contact, no man or toys. As part of "pleasure" education curriculum at Puberty Rites of Passage to Adulthood, young women train their vaginal muscles to contract and ripple when they are squeezed. The rippling causes a kind of squeezing and releasing action that moves across the vagina. In lovemaking this is felt by the penis as a milking effect. Men have been known to cry out loud, "I have been milked".

When the vaginal muscles are in good shape, an initiated Afrikan woman can have an orgasm while sitting right in front of you while saying "no she does not have orgasms".

All human beings can get to sexual ecstasy if only they would remove the stumbling blocks that our western experience has put in our way.

"Our Afrikan Heritage" magazine looks forward to your responses to this blog.

One Perfect Love.

Simba Simba


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    1. I to like a lot of men was under the impression to have your partner satisfied she would have to have an orgasm. Most times I am able to help my partner reach her orgasmic state. But the times when I cannot has proved to be problamatic to my own self esteem. Although assured by my partner that she was totally satisfied I still felt she was not. From some of the responses from women to just the title without reading the blog, it was said that if the man could not make the woman reach that state he was wasting her time and he had to go. I can see how brothers would feel just to be judged on the ability to make his partner cum. I do hope that as we go on through this week that we can explore this blog to the empowerment of all who read it

      1. “But the times when I cannot has proved to be problamatic to my own self esteem. Although assured by my partner that she was totally satisfied I still felt she was not.”

        I am ‘unlearning’ the program that makes me feel bad when I don’t help my partner achieve penetrative orgasm. This is an excellent read – it also gave me new vocabulary for some poetry … I am struck again about how different Afrikan cultures view the discussion of sexuality against how the western culture views it. The sacredness is something that needs to be recaptured – and I do say that knowing how publicly I portray sensuality via my words on stage.

    2. This is absolutely fantastic! I am inspired! Cultural barriers to knowledge and understanding about Africa and it’s people have been exposed in this write-up, revealing unheard truths to many. Western media portrayals have been very negative and unjustifiably so. This magazine blog and other forms of expression that can be shared on social media such as videos, photos etc. are tools that contribute to the restoration of Africa’s pride, dignity and

  2. This is a great post, most women wont discuss or even admit that they do not reach an orgasm. Most men dont take time to really understand what it takes. Its more mental then physical and when acheived its a release of pure energy. This can be achieved without contact just a thought.

    1. I hope men don’t look right past this post. Focus for a moment: “Its more mental then physical and when acheived its a release of pure energy. This can be achieved without contact just a thought.”

  3. Most American black women have no idea about anything other than the orgasm that comes with penetration or stimulation of the clitoris…I think that here they do place way too much on the orgasm itself. To a lot of them it is all about the sexual act itself. Some will do anything in ” foreplay” in order to get to the actual penetration part. Most know nothing about what is in your writing here. ” It might be a shock to many western researchers and Afrikan Urbanites (modern Afrikans) that some Afrikan women reach orgasm without any physical contact, no man or toys.” This to some would be considered nonsense…Great article by the way. I have bookmarked the site. I learned something today and I thank you…

  4. I think it is a matter of what you believe in and the kind of morals you uphold in today’s society. Me been of old skool I believe this subject is a private one of which I would only discuss with people close to me not because I can’t but because I choose to. In today’s society topics such as these are discussed openly in all kinds of settings, bus, train, bars, restaurants and sometimes blatantly spread all over the internet. Women of all cultures, race and age can experience orgasms and some don’t or is this just that they don’t understand what an orgasm is? I think it is not only about the sexual pleasure but more an experience for the mind, body and soul and reaching a higher height not just a sex thing to please someone else and of course there is also the question of “Do Men Know When An Orgasm Is Real Or Fake” LOL

  5. I believe the article addressed the issue in totality. Speaking for the male species we deem it our sacred duty while performing the act to insure our partner has an orgasm or multiple orgasms. Sometimes the dissemination of information can be enough to not require detailed comments and I think this is one of those times.

  6. Ofcourse we do. But it takes connection, spiritual, mental etc. When you and your partners energies can connect at a mindblowing level.

  7. This comment was made about the blog. It is well received and very much appreciated. It shows a perspective on how this blog could be misconstrued and the harm that it could do. At the same time it raises a very valid question on stereotyping. That is a topic for another blog. Remember all contributions to this blog are welcomed.

    ” Hello, I hate when comments turn into a long discussion, so I am pm-ing you.
    In most ways I really appreciate your blog post. It is so very true that sex is more than orgasm, more than penetration, more than Westerners make it out to be, etc.
    What makes it difficult for me to read it, is that is reinforces the colonial hypersexualization of the African body. And I’m not saying that is your goal, as your goal is clearly the opposite of this. What I am saying is that I am terrified of how racist non-Afrikans may take this article.
    Already there is a booming industry in sex tourism, in which white Westerners go to various countries in the search for “exotic others”, much in the same way that colonial elites treated the Afrikan body. This happens all over the world, including Afrika. Most notable is Kenya, in which older white women go in search for “Masai warriors”, many of which are actually Samburu men wearing “traditional” cloth, so as to attract these women.
    Now, I am not completely condemning this situation as a whole, as it is a legacy of colonialism and a way for these men to come to terms with how they will use the capitalist economy. Also, I have been informed by some who have witnessed these relationships that in most cases, both parties do truly care for each other. I am, however, condemning the racist underpinnings that not only encourage this, but also reinforce this.
    Again, this is not to say that is your goal, I see quite clearly it is not, but not all will read it and see it that way.”

    1. I agree with you on the orgasm issue, but in my experiences the person who I reached the orgasm with every time is the person whom I was spiritually connected with. So it is not something that is only for whites.

      I find out is that most black women carry a lot of pain and this pain keeps us from truly being happy. We mask it, but our mind, body and spirit do not lie.

      What is the purpose of cutting out a women’s clitoris in some parts of Africa? This is a organ and was once a penis, so do those men believe that they should cut off their organs as well?

  8. In my estimation and exploration I can honestly say that it has less to do with race and more to do with compatibility and willingness (therein lies the freedom to reach a pure state, a place of truth: the orgasm). Mind, body, spirit are our main components and to be connected to another being on all those levels, simultaneously, is a gift. What’s even better is entering a partnership where both parties are individually synergized. The result is nirvana. Give thanks always, in all ways ☼

  9. As a young African 30 year Old born and raised in my culturE I cant help but smile in agreement to this article to be honest,BASED on the title I was like hell no I am not interested im not reading it but after gentle assurance that the title is just a throw off I dived in.

    Western world through centuries has made Afrikan history and philosophies seem like myths and superstition,therefore our morals and values have distorted and disfigured to a point that Afrikans home and abroad have come to disregard.

    Sex and sexuality is seen as sacred relation between you the lover and your God/Ancestors it is a journey a story told in rhythm its in not a race or aerobics work out.We on a journey to meet our Maker we on a journey of possibly producing a child.

    Because truly what is an orgasm who has come to define this for us as black men and black women,was it no the white man who beastified our men locking them up in horse cages and choosing one out of 50 to breed a little girls turned them to barbarians calling them Mandingos,sole purpose is to sleep and impregnate women with no soul connection with no mind connection just a senless grovals cos master likes it when you make those sounds.Our black way of understanding sex has been deeply manipulated and our men and women will continue knocking on all kinds of doors seeking sex because that the consequence of slavery the breeding process,so we go all around seeking these orgasms seeking fulfilment and satisfaction,but I tell you sex is an energy,but the West has us full of these ideas of seeking things outside yourself.

    We have right of passages in almost all 54 African states rights of passage that groom you for what is to come women;
    1first sign of breast:your granmother gives you a biology of your body make up why it is happenning and what it means
    2 periods: level 2 of biology and what it means for you and ways to conduct
    3 agreeable age to court leading to marriage step 3 the hormones and biology make up,sex and pleasure this continues till you old for every age has a right to passage married women how to keep your husbands of home.
    these are the processes that till today the Western mentality can not identify so they criticise to kill practices that define us so we could be like them knowledge less and not in touch with our spirituality

    It is not about how many rounds and yoga positions you did…are well is very much full never dry.

    Sex is sacred it is one of the ways to meet God.

    beautiful article and I cant help agree based on my own personal experience.

  10. Just today I have done a blog and a facebook post on The Art of Affection.
    Very informative and yes I was thrown off by the title as well because it is offensive to see how black people are treated to this day.

    The journey, the sacredness, the wetness… lovely read.

  11. i think the further we go from our roots the more we forget and then we end up buying into cultures that are not as strong as where we came from and it is a good thing to know about these fountains and foundations of life. Amazing we know so much about war and weapons and all manner of things to divide us but there is little effort made to understand the workings of the woman, which is where all life begins.

  12. the question arises : how has this culturally encoded sexual /spiritual acumen been transferred through the DNA of us the scattered ones to reveal itself as some trait or quirk or nuance among our wombmen?

  13. I liked the article. I saw a few comments. Intimacy deals with more than the physical. I have explained this to quite a few men. It is hard for lits because there is a vulnerability that has to be. I am not concerned with mainstream orgasm thoughts. It will come with the connection. I find myself not being able to connect with some guys that are not connected with themselves. This connection happens before the bedroom’s threshold is even crossed.
    Now as I age more and mature, I don’t even move past conversations now. No need. Especially if there is nothing to look forward to but the same rudimentary situation.

  14. I read the article a couple of times and couldn’t help but to ask myself where does the men fit into this equation ? In our society which is a male dominated society couldn’t it be the male who is actually overly focused on the woman having an orgasm. Men are often left to feel ashamed and less than themselves if their woman don’t reach an orgasm. Even if the woman still actually enjoys the deep connection they share. How often have we heard the saying , ” if a man has to ask a woman if she cum , then she probably didn’t.” Most women that are confident and in tune with themselves will take this as a caring question which I would think opens up a flood gate to more communication which leads to more deeper connections and better sex for each other enjoyment. We know the act is so much more than physical and this is why some afrikan women can literally have orgasms just thinking of her man and he might not even be in the same space as her at the time. It happens .

    1. I sharing this blog with the title as is, I came across women that said without reading the blog that if the man was not able to bring his woman to the point of orgasm he should be gotten rid of. Then I have seen another group of women so focused on the orgasm itself they have totally left out the connection between both parties. I know the focal point in this discussion is the woman but what if the man did not ejaculate and the sex was done how would the woman feel? Must the act of sex end with cumming? In most cases the act ends when the man cums. Is this part and parcel of a male dominant society?

      I give much thanks for all the feedback thus far and look forward to continued interaction for the empowerment and development of our people.

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  16. Agree with the comments in part, although we need to consider the historical context in light of the experience of Afrikan women.Having been survivors of the MAAFA,the treatment of Afrikan women,by the oppressors objectified as a prelude to justification of enslavement and rape.Being objectified by others with the false notion that we are without any morals, as a justification for enslavement and rape, this topic is loaded. Given the history we have enough baggage to contend with,we should now be in a place where we should be able to define ourselves and needs with the freedom to do what we like. Afrikan women should consider loving themselves in the first instance, knowing oneself is the first step to sexual liberation, and as mentioned in many of the responses the act itself is not the main factor, its the connectivity before and the emotions after.

    1. Give thanks for the comment Sistar Kenya. I don’t think in this instance Afrikan women in the west are being objectified. What we are saying is that the importance of the orgasm in the west may be or is helping to weaken our already weak relationships. Freedom to do as we like? No freedom comes without responsibility. So the question is what responsibility do we attach to this freedom you speak of. Do we set about attaining this freedom free from our heritage and culture? What I see here in the west is a sexual freedom expressed by people who really don’t know themselves. I am really interested in how you define sexual freedom.

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    1. You can go ahead and share the blog with your group. I would be interested to hear what some of your group thinks about what is being said. Thanks for the response.

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