Emma Watson “He For She” Speech at the United Nations/ UN Women 2014

I just stumbled on this and think it gives food for thought on the bad press feminism has got as being man-hating etc etc. She says that men are valued less as fathers in the world; men also tend to fear asking for help in regards to mental health issues for fear of being seen as weak (and for other health issues such as prostate issues); that suicide is rising in the UK among malesĀ  – all of this gives men a distorted sense of their masculinity. Yet men should also feel free to be sensitive and vulnerable and free from prejudice. I’m just picking out things that resonated with me on seeing the 12 mins clip.

I agree with her that there’s too much bad focus on the word and not on the ideas/issues that “feminism” is about.

I recall when I taught at Oxford Uni and in a seminar with three white young women, they told me rather sheepishly that they couldn’t associate with “feminism” as it had an image of “bra burning” and negativity!! And here I was at the pinnacle of intellectual institutions and I was hearing young white women say this!!! That’s the power of popular misconceptions on women I guess in our capitalist patriarchal and imperialist world!!

A great speech
Sister Ama Biney

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