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OAH welcomes Caroline ‘Shola’ Arewa once again to share with us as she shares of herself  with so many others. Caroline Arewa was one of the first people that consented to write an article for the OAH free of cost. For that act of charity the OAH is eternally grateful. Thus it gives me extra pleasure to welcome Caroline to our website.

OAH will update this feature regularly as Caroline shares with us words to live by. We do ask our readers to take full advantage of what this powerful Sister has to offer. I personally subscribe to her newsletter, and I can honestly say each time I read it, it seems to be personally directed to me. That alone leads me into what she has to say with great comfort and thus makes me so much more conducive to receive her words of healing. I would advise you to subscribe.

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Before Caroline gives us our first lesson on energy, I would like to tell you just a little bit on who this great woman is.

Shola specializes in Health and Spiritual Development. Her calm, inspirational style has developed 
over thirty years of helping people make important life changes. Shola is the Author of 5 books and numerous articles that appear regularly in health journals, yoga magazines and women’s publications. Shola is a Humanistic Psychologist, Master of yoga, Wellness Coach and personal development expert. She initiated, wrote and delivered practitioner training's in complimentary medicine, within adult education, from 1987 to 1997 and was a Trainer for the Coaching Academy. As a dynamic Speaker and respected Author Shola is proud to have been invited to present her work on every continent and has uplifted audiences on radio and TV worldwide. Shola’s blend of Coaching and Spiritual Wisdom inspires people to achieve greater health, happiness and success. Shola brings knowledge, creativity, love and laughter to her unique way of working. Her latest book is, Alchemy of Energy, Change your Energy – Change your Life ' and her latest training is the popular 'Energy 4 Life Coach Training'. 

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Shola's first lesson to us will be ... What are Charakas?

Yoga Master, Wellness Coach, Humanistic Psychologist and Author, Caroline Shola Arewa describes the meaning of the Chakra system and explains what areas of the body the 7 main chakra’s govern.

The seven Chakras are precisely the means by which we gain awareness. 
They are how we experience life. These wheels of consciousness set everything in motion; all things can be understood in relation to where energy is expressed or repressed in the Chakra system. Each Chakra governs a different aspect of your life and its infinite potential.

Chakras and this complex system go back to the very beginning of time when people first walked on our mother the earth in Africa. This knowledge was further developed in India.Chakra is a Sanskrit word describing spinning vortices of energy responsible for generating, and distributing energy. According to the ancients, Chakras form the central energetic core of our existence. The Human Energy System provides a map for the important journey of life. Seven main Chakras represent a full range of human experience and possibility. The Chakrasoffer an ascending path of personal, psych-emotional and spiritual development. The wisdom of past present and future is revealed to us through our Chakras. As we ascend we go on a powerful spiritual journey.

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Humans have many Chakras. We have seven major, twenty one minor, forty nine minute and numerous minuscule Chakras. Chakras are responsible for creating and maintaining your very existence.

The seven major Chakras radiate out from different points along your spine, forming a vertical axis which runs from the base of the spine to the top of your head.

Each of the seven Chakras governs a different stage of spiritual awareness offering seven levels of consciousness:

The first three Chakras root, sacral and solar plexus are responsible for survival, self-esteem and creative expression respectively.

The heart centre, which is the fourth Chakra is the point of transformation from our limited personal reality, to that of the infinite universe. In yoga terms this is the movement from darkness into light; the process we refer to as spiritual awakening.

The fifth Chakra is the throat and connected to communication. The sixth Chakra is the brow and this is where we hold our intuition and insight. Finally the seventh Chakra is the crown, at the top of the head which is focused on wholeness and connects us to the world of spirit.

Physically, every Chakra has body parts associated with it. The seven Chakras also govern the seven main endocrine glands and therefore influence the entire harmony and equilibrium of your body. If you want to improve the overall quality of your life, Chakras hold the key. Through understanding the Chakra system, you can elevate consciousness and transform your life.

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