ENLIGHTENED ….. Short Story ….. Chapter 1

Massa : Penny we needth a new butler, the old n**ger butler is of the age where he is of no use.

Penny (Massa Wife) : Indeed, there's a n**ger boy in the cotton field that would make a good butler, a few adjustments and he'll be a good ole butler.

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Massa : Excellent, come and show me him at once.

(Both Massa and his wife glancing from their patio)

Penny : There he is 'Big Buck', the one with long nappy, dirty hair, rough bearded face and muscular body. But with good teachings we can make him into a perfect butler.

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(Massa commanded a slave driver to bring Big Buck to the house to tell him of his new duties)

Big Buck : Yes Massa

Massa : Big Buck, from today you're no longer working in the hot sun with the other ni**ers, you'll work in the comfort of my house as a butler, you'll eat just like me and my family, from today you'll live better than the niggers in the field.

Big Buck : Yes Massa

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Massa : But first you must shave this dirt of your face that you call a beard along with that nappy hair of yours for it isn't acceptable in this house.

Big Buck : Yes Massa..... But Massa why cant all the field ni**ers live in the house. I've seen field ni**ers picked from the field to work in the house and dislike the field ni**ers, so much so that the field slaves also hate the house ni**er, why massa? Why? If all the ni**ers live in the house we'll all love one another and there will be no division amongst us. Massa why should we cut our hair before we enter the house, in the gospel , Leviticus say, 'Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard' .....are we going against God massa? I want to be like Samson massa. I'm happy that out of all the nig**s you selected me to be the butler, but I don't want to continue the hatred amongst my people Massa.

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Massa {Shouted } : Go back to the field ni**er.

Penny : After we've given him the opportunity of a better life, this is the nonsense he spitteth at us

Massa : We must send a slave driver to lynch him before the night is out because he has educated himself through the bible, he is able to understand that his people are being treated as lesser beings, he has grasped the context that their must be unity amongst his people and if we leave him amongst the other slaves he may enlighten them and that is a movement we cannot afford under our watch. For if he has enlighten one, it is like one candle enlightening another but if we can out his candle there is no need to worry.

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To be continued ......

Written by Mari

Illustrated by Che Wiltshire.

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