ENLIGHTENED …. Short Story … Chapter 2


(Big Buck returns to the field and resumes working in the cotton field with his male friends and father)

Bucky : Aye son, what did massa want you for, did you do something wrong?

Big Buck : No dad, I didnt do anything wrong, massa wanted me to start working in the house

Bucky : Whattttt!! Thank you Jesus for letting my poor son get in the house, you know the sun has no mercy for a nigger back.

Big Buck : Dad!!! He wanted me to work in the house but I asked if it was possible that everyone can live in the house.

enlightened ch 2 pt 1

Bucky : You stupid nigger, why would you ask such a thing? you know massa wouldn't accept that, when all of us are in house who will toil his soil and boil his molasses, I raised you all my life hoping and praying that one day you would escape this hardship of life and as Jesus answered my prayer you spit back in Jesus face trying to make others get in Massa house.

*tears trickled from Big Buck's eyes*

enlightened ch 2 pt 2

Big Buck : sorry father, I wouldnt have feel good working in comfort whilst the others and yourself were being beaten by the sun, how many of us have to die in the field by the crack of cracka's whip, or by the thirst of the sun furthermore by they taking us as toys and making us fight to death, how long will this continue father!!!

Bucky : You little niggers start reading a bible and start to become all spiritual and shit... but dont cry my son

*Bucky rest his hand on Big Buck's shoulder*

enlightened ch 2 pt 3

Bucky : So after you told him about having all the niggers in the house what did massa say

Big Buck : He looked at me in disgust and demanded furiously that i go back into the field at once and here I am

Bucky : Oh my sweet Jesus Big Buck, they're going to kill you, niggers are not suppose to be preaching that unity garbage around Massa and those that look alike, he'll be trying to get that black ass of yours whip to death in the morning in the front of his house to show what will happen to niggers that want unity and equality amongst the niggers and massa, for such ideas, oh my sweet Jesus, my only son will fertilize the soil with his blood....

*Bucky pulled Big Buck closer and whispered in his ear*

enlightened ch 2 pt 4

Bucky : Tonight you have to make a run for it, *Big Buck eyes widened as his father spoke to him*

Bucky : Run till you feet are sore, and when they become sore, run till they bleed and when they start to bleed, run till your feet have become useless because thats the only way you'll live after tonight, and you better keep your black ass quiet about the meeting with massa, tell no niggers about this, not even your friends... your grandfather's only  mistake when he tried running away from the plantation was that his mouth was too big , he told everyone close to him that he planned to run away, now his black ass is 6 feet under because his own friend that picked corn with him every day sold him out and that friend is the same old Butler in Massa'a house today.

*Bucky turned away and continued ploughing the field*

*Big Buck began to talk to himself in his mind*

Big Buck : Oh Jesus what have I done for such a death to confront me, as you said “the blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth”, I’ve lived my entire life peacefully, unless you’re vex for the mosquitoes I killed during the night or am I being punished for taking corn from the field to feed my friends that were on the verge of death because of hunger, Should I really run as father say? What if I don’t make it? But what if I get caught? But then if I stay I’ll be killed as father say. Jesus Christ!!! I’ll take my chance with these two black feet on mine, my capture would be my sign from you that I should’ve stayed and my freedom from this place shall be judgment that you ordained.

*Big Buck conversation with himself ended* *He continued working the field as his mind constructed a strategy to get away*

enlightened ch 2 pt 6

Champ : Aye, my favorite nigger Big Buck, whats up buddy

Big Buck : Nnn-ot-thing much champ, jjj--ust ttta-ki-ng the sun and picking this cotton

Champ : Never know you stutter bud, want some water?

Big Buck : I’m good, just have a lot on my mind Champ

Champ : We all have shit on our mind Buck, but we can’t be getting all worried that massa see our pain, but whats on your mind

Big Buck : I was called by Mas--

*Big Buck heard his father voice in his head saying “And you better keep your black ass quiet about the meeting with massa, tell no niggers about this not even your friends... your grandfather mistake when he tried running away from the plantation is that his mouth was too big , he told everyone close to him that he planned to run away”*

Big Buck : I was called by Massy this morning to help her husband, you know Old Dander cant get around after that whipping he was given by Massa’s slave driver, I’m just feeling his pain and the moment, did you know they broke his ankle because he was carrying the carriage too slow.

Champ : Oh dammed, they really did him bad Buck, you know how it is with those crackas

Big Buck : Yea Champ, I’m going back here and work before Massa’s get us whip as well

*both chuckled and returned to work*

enlightened ch 2 pt 7

*It was 8:32pm, the day finally caught night, all the candle lights were out, silence encapsulated the baracoon, each slave was lying in bed stressed and exhausted of today’s servitude*

enlightened ch 2 pt 9

*8:34 pm, Brakkk!!! the corroded wooden door of Big Buck’s hut swung wide open by the leather boots of the slave drivers, *

Slave Driver : Get up Nigger!!!

*Rushing through the hut, they saw Big Buck fast asleep, tightly wrapped in a sheet of cloth from head to toe, not a single flesh to be shown due to the frigid nights,*

enlightened ch 2 pt 10

Slave Driver : Get up Nigger!!!!

*Woosh!!!!, the sheet of cloth was dragged off *

enlightened ch 2 pt 11


Bucky : Whats going on Sir *Grin on face*

Slave Driver : Where the f**k is your son!!!!!

To be continued

Written by Mari. Episode 2

Illustrated by Che Skwoking Whiltshire

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