Everyone has a part to play in the war against the coronavirus COVID-19

The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) knows that it will take the assistance of all Barbadians working in a collective united manner to see the country past the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The $600 being provided to all families by the government through the welfare department is a great step in the right direction by the Mia Mottley administration, when seeking to empower people to get past this health and economic crisis. Even more impressive is the Adopt-a-family initiative where those who earn more than $100,000 annually (over 5,200 people), would also provide up to $600 per month to the fund for families in need. Massy Foundation has already agreed to seed that Fund with the sum of $250,000 immediately and Rihanna has pitched in $1.2 million to buy ventilators. These are among but a few of the thoughtful measures being put in place by the Mia Mottley administration, to assist the people of Barbados confront and combat the coronavirus COVID-19.


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While the government and the private sector prepare to ready the “Household Survival programme of 20 million dollars, the rest of Barbados can assist with the security of each other. Charitable and community based organizations will play key roles in helping Barbados past these trying times. The masses themselves must empower these organizations so that they may in turn develop, manage and operate services that will be needed.

Service being developed by the AHF.

The AHF is in the process of developing teaching aid videos for its homeschool service, that are intended to assist parents with the teaching of various subject matter to their children. The organization presently operates a homeschool service that will be now facilitated by the production of these teaching aid videos.

How will the service work?

  1. Parents register with organization.
  2. Teaching aid video on subject matter that is being worked on with children will be shared on request by parents.
  3. Parents and children are advised to watch video together.
  4. The organization will share exercises based on relevant subject matter with parents for children.
  5. Tutor can be contacted directly for further advice and explanation of problematic subject matter.



The AHF is asking the public of Barbados to choose a charity of their choice and donate $5 – $10 a month to it for the next three to six months. This will go towards any initiative that organization has developed to assist with the social and economic management of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Please make sure that organization of choice has a feasible plan of action to assist with public security against the coronavirus COVID-19.

For more information on the above mentioned homeschool service being offered by the AHF, please whatsapp 260-4795 or email info@afrikanheritage.com

Those who would like to make the AHF their organization of choice to support please use account information: City of Bridgetown Cooperative Credit Union, African Heritage Foundation, Account # 1514610….. Please send email or whatsapp message stating name and donation so that the organization may keep you updated on the progress of the service being donated to. 

Your donation to this education initiative will help the AHF keep this service free for parents who wish to use it.

Reports on this initiative and parents feedback will be sent monthly to persons making the donations.

The AHF thanks you in advance for your assistance.

Paul Rock (Simba)


African Heritage Foundation


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