Fusion Vegetarian Cuisine Take Away Style Is Coming Your Way. Get Ready To Delight Your Palate.

Fusion Vegetarian Cuisine (FVC) – Take Away Style! A treat in vegetarian culinary art is headed your way.

On Monday 19th November the African Heritage Foundation (AHF) will be offering vegetarian cuisine prepared in a health conscious manner, with tastes to delight any palete. This service caters to your lunch meals and will operate from 11.30am – 3pm Monday -Friday.

Jacket potatoes stuffed with corn, chives and cheese. Cheese is optional

The FVC service is a collaborative business initiative between the AHF and one if its members. This initiative is lodged within a community business model that says, ” one for all, and all for one.  The AHF supports this business by assisting with its marketing and promotion as well as with patronage by fellow members, their friends and family. In turn the business makes a contribution to the overall financial development of the AHF. This translates into support for AHF education, agriculture, social care, health, sports, business development, marketing/promotion, and security initiatives. In essence your patronage of Fusion Vegetarian Cuisine will assist the AHF assist others.

Ginger infused stir-fried vegetables

As part and parcel of a strategic plan of development for this business, the AHF’s FVC is making preparation to offer you great service from the green light. A whatsapp chat and email listing have been created for your ordering convenience and food collection efficiency.  Each morning FVC will share the daily menu on its whatsapp chat and email listing. This will be done by 7am each morning. You are invited to place your order there and indicate time of pick up, or if it is to be delivered. Order taking will close at 10am to facilitate pick ups and deliveries commencing from 11.30am sharp.

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On this chat, once a week, the FVC will share with you a marvelous vegetarian recipe.

Sample Menu

Soup: Vital Veg Soup – An earthy fusion of ground provision, vegetables, blended corn & split peas, whole wheat dumplings & barley simmered in coconut milk with a hint of turmeric.

Salad: Mixed leaves & mandarin salad: Mixed leaves, kale, mandarin, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, black beans, dried cranberries & sunflower seeds. Grilled potato/sweet potato & catch of the day can be added to your order.

Dressings: (vinaigrettes- Lemon Dill, Honey Ginger & Lemongrass, Sesame Soy or Citrus Italian)

Special of the day: Lemon scented brown rice/ white rice, sweet potato croquettes (rolled and breaded with toasted oats), vegetables sautéed with garlic & sage & curried channa fritters. *catch of the day can be added.

Wrapsody: 3 bean spicy wrap – Kidney beans, black beans & pinto beans sautéed with fresh herb; nestled on lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers & pineapples.

*Tortilla or gluten free wraps available

Dressings: (vinaigrettes- Lemon Dill, Honey Ginger & Lemongrass, Sesame Soy or Citrus Italian)

Mayo dressing is optional and potatoes & catch can be added in or accompanies your wrap.

Rotis: Dahl, plain or whole wheat – Channa, sweet potato, English potato, carrots, peas, sweet cinnamon pumpkin.

Juices: Hibiscus Lemonade, Hibiscus coconut punch, Sorrel

Shakes: Green & Protein

To be added to this chat please send a message to 260-4795 saying, “Please Add To FVC Chat”. To be added to the email listing please email us at info@afrikanheritage.com saying “Please Add To FVC Email Listing”.

African Heritage Foundation (AHF)

AHF  youth club. One initiative your support of FVC will assist.

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