Our Afrikan Heritage magazine host the best reggae dance in Barbados " Foundation Friday". This dance is being thrown in honour of the 122th earthday of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.

Emperor Haile Selassie and his pet lion stroll in the ruler's garden.           Haile selassie child                          haile-selassie-i

Every year Our Afrikan Heritage magazine host several community events in honour of our culture and heritage. The figure Haile Selassie for  Our Afrikan Heritage represents one of the greatest Pan Afrikanist and Humanitarian's to have walked the earth. So great is his fulfillment of these roles, he is hailed as Christ, the full manifestation of God manifested in man by the Rastafari community internationally.

The boy child Tafari Makonnen was born on 16th Hamle 1884  (July 23rd 1892  in Babylon time), in the year of John, at Ejarsa Goro near Harar. His father was Ras Makonnen and his mother, Wayzaro Yashimabet.  

His birth had been foretold by astrologers and chaplains. They reasoned that the planets of  Neptune and Pluto, would intersect in July 1892 having started moving towards each other 493 years earlier in 1399. This would in turn influence the constellation Leo,  that is the house of Judah. They also foretold the great drought that started in 1889 and was broken at the moment of the child's birth thus confirming his identity and destiny.

On the fortieth day of His life He was baptised according to custom and given the name HAILE SELASSIE which means POWER OF THE TRINITY. At the moment of baptism He became totally aware and although this knowledge faded at the time, it returned as He grew. His  teachers were astounded at the depth of his knowledge and standing (understanding) of Incient religious texts. He could also converse with animals; and savage beasts became docile in His presence.

He was the only one of ten siblings to survive childhood and his mother died before he reached his 2nd birthday.


Our Afrikan Heritage magazine joins forces with the Rastafari community in Barbados to host this dance on the 18th July 2014 at Temple Yard, Bridgetown from 5pm to 3am. No admission is being charged but we do ask attendees to contribute to the development of this publication by supporting the bar and food shops.

For those of you not in Barbados thus unable to attend this session but who would like make a contribution  to this publication can do so by purchasing the mix CD that will be done at the dance. This mix CD will be done by invited guest selector from Trinidad Ivan Marley of Judah Int, King of the Dub Rock and available through this website.

                                                                                                Foundation Fridays Ivan Marley logo

For your listening pleasure please click the link provided and listen to the promotional mix CD done by Ivan Marley.

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