From Emancipation to Enlightenment

The journey from Emancipation to Enlightenment, when put in a time sequence may appear to be a long and arduous journey, an almost impossible task. But is it really that impossible? I want to share why it is quite a possibility and how we of African Descent can prove it to be so. To do that I must go back to the beginning.

It is widely known that Africa was the cradle of civilization and history has proven this to be true. With the acceptance that it all began with us as ancestors, from the first civilization, I will venture to reconstruct the past, highlight the present and predict the future. It is a movement backwards, going from enlightenment to emancipation. A Sankofa going back to remember and to fetch so that the future and the past reconnect in the Now, emancipation.

Remembering the past-Our Early Kingdom

In the beginning our kingdom was exalted with a higher consciousness. WE the people were enlightened and lived in harmony with ourselves because we knew who we were. We were at one with the Source of Being. Our internal nature was pristine. We lived from our original Divine unadulterated energies. In the kingdom there was no greed, anger, hatred, jealousy, lust or fear. We were happy, joyous contented beings. Gods and Goddesses!! Beautiful and worthy of worship.

There are many stories in the oral as well as the written mythology that speak to our power and super human abilities as well as our enlightened consciousness. Different names of us as elevated beings (gods and goddesses) are found in all indigenous cultures world- wide. I may add that mythology has a connection to reality.

The external nature reflected our internal beautiful nature. Our environment was clean, beautiful, rich and sustaining. Even the elements….wind, air, earth, fire …sustained us. They provided a sanctuary in which we could live without labor and frustration. Survival was easy. There was happiness in our kingdom and as carefree and contented emperors, kings and citizens expressions of love flowed naturally as we interacted with one another. In fact, we were in a golden age of conscious living. Golden was our nature, Golden was our environment, Golden were our thoughts words and actions. There was peace in the kingdom.

Many sages refer to this period of our history. Some of them retained the secrets which were naturally known to us during this period of strong mastery. Trismegistus, the ‘scribe of the gods’, whom the Egyptians called Thoth, the Greeks call Hermes and the Hindus call Brahma, is one who held the ancient wisdom of our Golden Kingdom.

Time does not stand still. It brings changes continuously, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. It brought changes to our inner being and this changed the fabric of our kingdom. Gradually we forgot our connection to our Source and also forgot who we were.  We began to lose our elevated consciousness and the alloy of negativity began to tarnish our being.  Our vision of each other changed, our relationships were affected. Greed, anger, and other negative traits began to surface. Love was replaced with fear, competition and jealousy. As our outer nature reflected our inner nature, our environment changed and the struggle to survive became a high priority. We were forced to make survival choices.

Our kingdom of course, weakened. It lost its power and ability to sustain the ‘highlife’. There was a fall. A fall from high consciousness and high being.

We lost the light and it has caused great sorrow, suffering and degradation. We lost our self- respect and instead of continuing to be rulers and masters, we became enslaved.

But time is also cyclic and the beginning is also connected to the end. We often hear that ‘history repeats itself’. This provides an opportunity for a return to the future. We as people of African descent as well as those in Africa can therefore use this understanding as a tool in the present time, now, as a means to return to future greatness.

It is joyful to say that retentions of our early kingdom still remain in some of our present day kingdoms and culture in Africa. The people, when not manipulated by foreign influences, exude a quiet peaceful nature. The continent has an abundance of mineral wealth, especially gold. The Golden Stool of Ghana is well known for its spiritual and national significance, indicating wealth and power.

The Zulus in South Africa still maintain the Ubuntu understanding that we as human beings are interconnected at very basic and essential levels.

Emancipation calls for an awakening to the knowledge of self and life. It requires from us a serious commitment to making the past a reality again. Emancipation is the beginning of this journey back to enlightenment. The how can be shared at another time but we must first be able to understand without illusions, where we are now and what tools are needed to propel our journey forward. We have these tools already within us. We only have to accept that we do. We must use them. Enslavement only covered them over. We can awaken together to our future greatness. Yes we can!!!!

You are invited to  The Bongani Festival: 2 Miles To Emancipation.

This will be held on the 1st of August. The celebrations commence with everyone meeting at the Emancipation Statue, better known as the Bussa Statue for 6.00 am. This portion of the festival will include the laying of flowers at the monument and the honoring of those who gave their lives for the idea of a free and redeemed Africa and African wherever they may be.

Following this an Emancipation Procession will travel from the Emancipation or Bussa Statue, making its way through the Tichbourne and Ivy communities, ending at Blenhim A playing field in the Back Ivy.

There an Emancipation Village will be constructed that will consist of persons selling craft, jewelry, clothing, literature, food (including African cuisine ) and drinks. You will also find in the Emancipation Village holistic healing arts such as yoga and reiki.  Information booths will be a prominent feature of the Emancipation Village. These booths are designed for various organisations to disseminate information about themselves.

Throughout the day a number of short solidarity messages will be delivered. You can also look forward to entertainment in the forms of dance, drum, spoken word and song. Joining in the Emancipation celebrations will be the Mighty Gabby, Winston Farrell, The Israel Lovell Foundation, The Haynesville Youth Group, Adrian Green, DJ Simmons, Iron Pipe, Damani Re, Margret Gill, Keoma Mallet, Rhesa Garnes, Lion Soul, Queen of the drum Onika Best, and many others.  Bring out the little ones to the children’s workshop. Find out more about the yoga workshop. Celebrations end at 6pm.

As the Emancipation features continue you will be further informed on what you can expect at the Emancipation Village.

The Bongani Festival:2 Miles to Emancipation organizing committee looks forward to seeing you on August 1st. Bring the family and spend the day with us.

If you would like to have a stall space in the Emancipation Village or just want more information on the activity please call 624 0484


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