Grand Risings … May 17th 2020

Grand Rising Family. We will NEVER receive our blessings If we don’t open our hearts and minds to the abundance of life.

Q: Is it scary to open up? A: Yes but its also beautiful ...


For to fully bloom, we MUST be willing to experience, grow and be nurtured every step of the way. For we are as flowers who are pollinated by the BEE of life. When the BEE of life (situations, people and circumstances) pollinate us, we always grow from it. For to never be pollinated, means to NEVER have lived.

Don’t remain closed, for their is no growth there. In the same way as a closed mouth doesn’t get fed, a closed flower will never be pollinated. Don’t be fearful of life, don’t be fearful of people. Don’t be a hostage of life, live for the blossoming. Expect everything, however, don’t accept everything.

For the right nurturing will bring the right growth. There will be NO perfect situation, however, there will be ALWAYS the right circumstance.

Open up and live, stay closed and wither away. For its our choice, live it.

Have a Jahful, Upful and Fruitful day Family.

Glenroy-Ricky Babb

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