Grand Risings May 4th 2020

Grand Rising Family. The art of life, is found in the breath of life. For what we experience, assists in either building us or breaking us.

The past is a place of reference, not a place | Slickwords


For we encounter the balance of life in order that we can appreciate the essence of life. For the past has been lived and serves as a compass at times. We don’t LIVE in the past, we reside in the present. For the ONLY living we can do is in the NOW. Yesterday’s rent cannot pay today’s obligations. For when we use yesterday’s reference to frame today’s reality, we become lost in a time warp.

So utilize your past as a lesson in your NOW. For imagination is no substitute for experience and experience becomes the greatest teacher when applied properly. Each one’s path is unique, that adds a different blend to the stew. Keep stirring for eventually you will get the taste that you savor.

Have a Jahful, Upful and Fruitful day Family. The only regret in life should be remaining in a place that is not conducive towards your growth and development.

Glenroy-Ricky Babb

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