Grand Risings … May 5th 2020

Grand Rising Family. One of the main principles of life for an individual is the ability to create a better living for themselves and their family.

Giving Away Power


One of the greatest principles of life for a collective /nation is to be able to be self-sufficient in manufacturing/production which allows for the sustained livelihood of said group. When we give people the responsibility of feeding us, we give them the power to starve us. For the conscious and or unconscious action of giving away ones power, will be felt when what we have given away becomes a tool for our own oppression.

Imagine starving when we can feed ourselves? Imagine depending upon another when by the works of our hands we can accomplish what we desire? Imagine seeking externally, for what dwells within us internally? For what limits us, is what we consistently tell ourselves and what propels us is what we find the strength to do with our own hands.

Power given away, becomes bondage in many ways.

Have a Jahful, Upful and Fruitful day Family

Glenroy-Ricky Babb

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