Gun Amnesty, Wrong Amnesty Mr. AG!

A gun amnesty? Really! Is this really what the Attorney General(AG) of Barbados is putting forward as an added solution to the recent spike of murders (by the gun) on the island?

It is statements such of these that have come from Barbados’ two parties over the decades, that convince me, they truly believe the Barbadian people are stupid. Literate but stupid!

I put it to you Mr. AG, if a person wanted to get rid of a gun in their possession, they would bury it, toss it in the sea, put it in the garbage or drop it in a well. I further put it to you Mr. AG, that a person wanting to get rid of a gun in their possession is not waiting on any “gun amnesty” to relieve themselves of that item.


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That being said, we know that this is not the first “gun amnesty” that has been offered to Barbados. I am wondering Mr. AG, can you tell us of the effectiveness of the last “gun amnesty”? I am also curious to know, if someone was to bring in a gun that was used in a murder, would this gun be eligible to be used as evidence in court for that offense? That begs for the question to be asked, what will happen to the guns brought in under this “gun amnesty”?

You are offering the people of Barbados the wrong amnesty Mr, AG! Based on research done in places that have legalized cannabis for recreational purposes, violent crime has decreased. Why is this fact not being taken into consideration when you Mr. AG, seek solutions to violent crime? Why can’t you Mr. AG and by extension your party, for once be proactive and sovereign in your decision making when offering governance to the people of Barbados?


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You Mr. AG will soon have a letter before you that will request a public meeting. A meeting similar to those you would have had on numerous occasions when campaigning for the support of the people of Barbados. It is only fair now that you have garnered their support, you meet with them to discuss an issue crucial to their development and empowerment. A meeting where questions can be asked from the people and you have the opportunity to look us in the face and respond.

Mr. AG the letter will sound something like this!

The following letter is addressed to:

The Right Honouable Mia Amor Mottley


The Attorney General of Barbados Dale Marshall

This following is written on the behalf of the legalization of cannabis for recreational and sacramental use.

In 2018 the CARICOM Regional Commission on marijuana found, after four years of research that upon “analysis of the comprehensive information gathered indicates that the current legal regime for cannabis/ marijuana, characterized as it is by prohibition and draconian criminal penalties, is ineffective, incongruous, obsolete and deeply unjust.”

Moreover, it reiterated its unanimity “in its view that the current classification for cannabis/ marijuana as a ‘dangerous drug’ with ‘no value’ or narcotic, should be changed to a classification of cannabis as a ‘controlled substance’” and “can no longer be accurately classified in law as a dangerous drug with ‘no medicinal or other value’”.

Though it is acknowledged that Barbados has recently embarked on the highway to providing accessibility to medicinal marijuana; it would be remiss if the fact that the medicinal benefits and properties of the plant being highlighted by the Rastafari movement for decades and its subsequent and consequent persecution was not highlighted.

Our tax rolls and economy will benefit  due to the availability of over the counter pharmaceutical cannabis, but money should never be the driving factor over the lives of the thousands who have suffered as a result of cannabis prohibition since the 1990s.

The Regional Commission shares this viewpoint, suggesting “that a law reform process that focuses only on medicinal marijuana would seriously short-change Caribbean peoples”.

The above was a snippet of the letter that is being drafted by the African Heritage Foundation. This letter will be accompanied with over 3000 signatures requesting above mentioned meeting, to put forward the people’s position as it pertains to the legalization of cannabis for personal recreational and sacramental uses. It is intended that this letter be delivered to you Mr. AG and the relevant members of your party on the 25th May. That is African Liberation Day!

You can consider this a micro mini referendum done by the people for the people.

Paul Rock (Simba)

President and Founder of the African Heritage Foundation.

Speaking on behalf of the African Heritage Foundation.




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