Hekima: Wisdom Wear. Supporting the revolution of education

“Trodding the road of life, I've come to this one conclusion
That everything is equal under the sun, all that is created by JAH mighty hand
And he said knock and it shall be opened
Seek and Ye shall find that wisdom is found in the simplest of places,
In the nick of time.” Bunny Wailer.

Hekima: Wisdom Wear has released 3 new designs into its t-shirt line. Available, t-shirts ranging in sizes from baby tees to extra large. Hekima: Wisdom Wear t-shirts are now available in an assortment of colors. Shirts are produced in limited quantities so place your orders now.

Special for the month of June .... all Tees ... $40 BDS ...... $20 USD plus shopping.


Hekima designs 4 Hekima designs 2 Hekima designs 1

Hekima designs 3 Hekima designs 7

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Wisdom is found in the simplest places is the idea that has inspired a new t- shirt line called “Hekima: Wisdom Wear”. Hekima is a Swahili word that when translated to English means Wisdom. Wisdom in turn is defined as the ability to apply relevant knowledge in an insightful way.

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Hekima Utah 5 Hekima Utah 1 Hekima Utah 4 Hekima Utah 2

The idea here is to use a line of clothing to advance positive symbolism and messages into mainstream society. “Hekima: Wisdom Wear” is tagged as educational wear. The first series of “Hekima: Wisdom Wear” t-shirts will consist of thirteen designs that feature Adinkra symbols and quotes from wise men and women who have left great messages for us to consider.

hekima photo 5 hekima fb page 5 hekima fb page 4 Trisha Hekima 1

Adinkra symbols are visual representations of concepts and aphorisms developed by the Akan people of Ghana. Adinkra symbols are extensively used in fabrics, pottery, logos and advertising. They can also be found in architectural designs as well as on traditional Akan gold weights and sculptures as well as stools used for traditional rituals. The Adinkra symbols are not just decorative objects or drawings, but actual messages conveying ancient traditional wisdom relevant to aspects of life or the environment. Adinkra means ‘goodbye’ or ‘farewell’ in the Twi language of the Akan ethnic group to which the Asante belong. It for this reason “Hekima: Wisdom Wear” has selected the Adinkra symbol in its imaging, as we add to the other voices who through their activism, say goodbye and farewell to corralled states of mind that hold our society hostage.

Through the messages on the “Hekima: Wisdom Wear” brand, it is envisioned that persons coming into contact with this line of clothing will have an instant learning experience as instructed from the ancient sages. The sages of the ancient times have inspired and taught in ages when spirituality wasn't a semi-common 'household item'. They were the true revolutionaries. Anybody seeking the universal truth (or truths) would do well to first and foremost familiarise themselves with these thinkers and their wisdom.

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The business of “Hekima: Wisdom Wear” is firstly supported by members of the African Heritage Foundation (AHF) whose logo is to be found on one sleeve of the t-shirt. All members of the AHF were asked to support this business by purchasing a t-shirt at a discounted price. They also assist in the promotion of the t-shirt in various ways including modelling for this feature. In return, “Hekima: Wisdom Wear” donates 10% of its profits to the AHF to assist with their various community empowerment and positive development programmes and with other emerging businesses. From this humble beginning, “Hekima: Wisdom Wear” will in time grow into a business that is expected to be owned, through shareholdings, by members of the AHF and persons working directly with the business.

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“Hekima: Wisdom Wear” t-shirts are sold at the price of US$25 or $50 Barbadian currency plus shipping to persons residing outside of Barbados. In Barbados, shirts are sold to order and may be delivered. To place your order and have your shirt delivered, please call or WhatsApp 231 3185, or email us at info@afrikanheritage.com

You are asked to make a special effort and maybe even a small sacrifice to support this business by purchasing our t-shirt. From the visual concept to the business ideal as you have just read, the cause is commendable.

The “Hekima: Wisdom Wear” family and the AHF give thanks for your support.

Enjoy your “Hekima: Wisdom Wear”.

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