Help these children go to a Junior Robotics Camp.

It was another fun filled and informative day out for the African Heritage Foundation’s homeschoolers.

Yesterday the AHF’s homeschoolers went to the Science and Technology  Festival that is presently being hosted by the  Ministry of Innovation Science and Smart Technology, at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

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A number of things fascinated the children at the festival. Their first stop was at the table that was informing about various species of Cactus plants, followed by the Geology exhibit. The explanation of how various rocks are formed and soil tested etc. was well received by the children. Surely they will be looking at rock formations differently from now on.

Next up was the Meteorology exhibit. This was equally as fascinating as the Geology exhibit for the children. They learnt how rainfall was measure, wind speed calculated and about the machines/equipment used to do such.

From the time they arrived they had their eyes on the table with all the bones on it. The children are very interested in Biology and are presently exploring the human body. While the various skeleton models were interesting, they were hoping for a bit more from that exhibit.


The rest of the day consisted of them making slime and a mixture when touched lightly feels like a liquid but when hit with speed becomes a spongy, rubbery material. I can’t recall the name. The children know it well.

The rest of the day was spent learning how a terrarium is constructed, a look at locally developed video games, the use of drones for aerial mapping and surveillance, touring a Barbados Defense Force  vehicle and a look at some of the equipment they use.

A science fair would not be complete without a bit of Chemistry that makes something blow up or at least goes pop.

For the children the highlight of their day was the robotics exhibit. Here they were informed of the Barbados Robotics Camps organized by the Caribbean Science Foundation. The next camp will be in July and a cost of $500 per child is attached. The AHF intends to send 4 of its students to this camp, and as such is beginning the process of raising $2000 to facilitate this. It must be noted that the AHF’s children reside in not so well to do families, and are often robbed of these experiences based on their poor economic standings.

The AHF is asking you to assist in this initiative by donating to its Junior Robotics Camp fund for its homeschoolers. All donations are welcome.

To make arrangements to make a donation please contact the AHF at 260-4795 or email

For more information about the Junior Robotics Camp you can click this link …

The AHF thanks you in advance for your assistance.

Paul Rock (Simba) Founding Father and President.


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