Here comes Sheldon Heritage

As the African Heritage Foundation (AHF) continues to work on assisting with the evolution of education in Barbados, it has tasked itself several goals:

  1. Establish and effectively operate a homeschooling service.
  2. Establish an Afrikan centered academy.
  3. Create literature that will be more reflective of African descended people on the continent and in the diaspora.
  4. Assist with the development of African centered curricula for Barbados.

Thus far the AHF has opened its homeschooling service to the public of Barbados. The African Heritage Foundation is also working on having classes in meditation arts, agriculture science, languages and more established at its headquarters. Establishing the African centered academy is a long term vision of the charity, who intends to meaningfully assist with the development of holistic education on the island. This organization has also initiated meetings that facilitate the development of African centered curricula. It is also now starting to  create activity and story books for children aged 4 – 11.

The activity and storybooks will be centered on the mascot of the AHF, which is a turtle the members have affectionately named “Sheldon Heritage”. Sheldon, is presented in these books as a young turtle who explores life with his aunts and uncles who are the members of the AHF, as he is homeschooled. His life experiences are transformed into lessons for children in the pages of these story and activity books.

The first in the series of the “Sheldon Heritage” activity books is being worked on for release in February.

We at the AHF do hope you will welcome Sheldon into your homes and into your children’s educational experience.

Here comes Sheldon Heritage.

If you would like to know more about the African Heritage Foundation please click the link below.

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