Home school advocates take action with the AHF in support of victimized Rastafari family.

Updates on actions taken since the "Save Our Children" community meeting that was hosted on Monday 3rd October by the AHF.
1. In accordance with proposals made at the "Save Our Children" community meeting of concerned and enraged citizens over the handling of the case of a family who has never sent their two children to a formal school in Barbados, a position letter of support from the African Heritage Foundation has been written and approved by Bro Ajamu who is the legal representative for the family. The letter was delivered to the Barbados Child Care Board today.

 CCB delivery 1 Delivering letters to the Director Ms Joan Crawford and Deputy Director Denise Nurse.
2, Bro Ajamu has sent a letter to the Minister of Education asking that this matter come to a different conclusion based on mutual cooperation.
3. A meeting will be held in Pelican Village shop no. 21 at 5.30 tomorrow evening weather permitting. We will be forming the working group that will be tasked with creating a curriculum to be presented to the Ministry of Education for use by all who wish to home school. You are invited to attend.
4. Here are the case facts that were given by Bro Ajamu.



The Child Care Board (“CCB”) has applied to the High Court for the following orders:

  • That care and control of the children be vested in the CCB with immediate effect
  • The CCB be authorized to seek the assistance of any police officer to effect the removal of the children into one of the homes of the CCB
  • That the CCB be authorized to enrol the children in a suitable school and ensure that their health requirements and immunizations are up to date
  • That the parents are forbidden from removing the children from their placement with the CCB and/or from any school where they are present

The basis for the application is essentially that the parents have refused to enrol the children in school and have failed to provide a curriculum for home schooling. The parents have yet to appear in the High Court on the matter.


Section 41 of the Education Act provides:

  1. The parent of every child of compulsory school age shall ensure

that the child receives full-time education suitable to his age and ability

 (a) by regular attendance at a public or private school; or

(b) in any other manner satisfactory to the Minister.

It was alleged that the parents failed to ensure that the children receive full time education in accordance with section 41 of the Education Act.

The parents have been charged under s. 61 of the Education Act. Section 61 which provides as follows:

  1. (1) Where a child of compulsory school age,

 (a) being a registered pupil at a school, fails to attend regularly at the school; or

 (b) not being a registered pupil at a school, does not, in a manner satisfactory to the Minister, receive full-time education suitable to his age and ability, the parent of the child is guilty of an offence and is liable on summaryconviction to a fine of $50.

The parents have had a trial before a Magistrate and after hearing the evidence the Magistrate found them guilty. They are to return to court on October 7, 2016 for sentencing.

5. The AHF collected $323.15 at the meeting Monday, which was given to the Lashley family the same night. The AHF will be structuring the suggested dollar drive for both online and physical donations. It has been suggested that the money collected from this drive assist with the development of home schooling in Barbados as well as assist the Lashley family. This will also be discussed in tomorrow's meeting.

6. Petitions are in the making for online and physical signatures in support of the family.
7. Friday is the court date for the parents' criminal case. Bro Ajamu is seeking to have the sentencing either pushed back or have them Reprimanded and Discharged. We are asking as many as possible to make the sacrifice for a couple hours Friday morning and gather outside the court yard in a show of support for the family. This may mean you taking a couple hrs from work on Friday morning. We want to be a noticeable group and draw further media and public attention to this case, so you are asked to wear black as a sign of our disapproval for these court proceeding against the Lashley Family. We gather outside the Main Guard at 9:00 am on Friday. The sentencing will be done in court no. 1. Again please make a special effort to be there.
8. Bro Ajamu has started collecting affidavits on behalf of the family.
All other forms of protest will be organised accordingly.
Minister Ronald Jones said on the news that he did not think this case was that far gone that alternative solutions could not be agreed upon. We must hold him to this.
The link provided takes you to an article written on the recently concluded community meeting and contains proposals made there. http://www.afrikanheritage.com/samson-on-the-wall-you-are-not-alone-shaka-shaka-we-are-family/
In closing you are asked to support the AHF in the work it is doing by purchasing a Hekima: Wisdom Wear T-Shirt. This is an AHF member business that is founded within the educational arm of the Foundation. Please click on this link for more details. http://www.afrikanheritage.com/hekima-wisdom-wear-street-brand-with-a-plan/

I can be reached at 268 7084. To join the AHF mailing list for further updates on what is happening with this case, please send your name and email info to ahfoundation@yahoo.com

Please assist us in keeping the nation informed by sharing this information.

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